This post is pretty special to me. Curt is one of my best friends. We were college roommates, fraternity brothers, and to this day he's as close to me as family. I got to shoot (and be a groomsman in) his wedding last month, outside Dallas. It was really amazing to see my friend, who's gone through a pretty tumultuous few years, be so incredibly happy.

Obviously since I was IN the wedding I don't have images from the ceremony, so here are a few of my favorite portraits.

Congrats Curt and Mandy. I love you guys!

The new family. 15 years after we met...

Curt's daughters... two of my favorite little girls in the world.

[November 13, 2011] David Brown said:
Fabulous shots, Norwood. That was a fun weekend.
[November 15, 2011] Curt said:
The images look great! I was extremely glad you could be there to shoot and infinitely more happy that you could stand next to me while I married the love of my life. You're a great brother and friend, Michael.
[February 1, 2013] Dominic said:
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