Yari and Edgar were married last month in one the most insane Cathedrals I've ever seen, St. Vincent's, right next to USC. After the ceremony we went and shot around downtown and finished up at MOMA. They had an AMAZING wedding coordinated by the incomparable Karli Tanner of Simply Mumtaz Events.

Here are a few of my favorites from the day!

















This was my favorite part of the day... Edgar serenaded Yari with the help of the Mariachis.



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[August 25, 2008] *B* said:
Wow, the detail shots of the church is amazing!
[August 25, 2008] Veronica A Barajas said:
She's beautiful!! Great pictures at the church. We are the rest of the photos. I heard Kazandra was a knock out.
[August 25, 2008] MsBunn.com said:
That's a FABULOUS shot of the serenade!
[August 26, 2008] chipgillespie said:
Amazing wedding man! Beautiful church! It looks like you guys had a good time. I like the reflecting pond pics. What is the sculpture in a few of the shots that looks like a Cessna exploded??
[August 26, 2008] michael said:
@Chip... Hahahahaha. Like I said we finished shooting at MOMA... The Museum of Modern Art. So apparently that was art, haha.
[August 27, 2008] Edgar said:
WOW!!! That's what I have to say. The pictures are awsome. You were great my man. You captured every important moment. Thank you so much! - Edgar
[August 27, 2008] jeret said:
wow... very nice... great job boss
[August 28, 2008] Bob P. said:
[August 29, 2008] Jeremy Gilliam said:
These photos just absolutely glow with awesomeness!
I'm back. "Busy" just can't describe the way things have been over the past few months. I think about blogging everyday but haven't found the time to do it until now. Even now there are other things I should probably be doing but whatever.

Last week I had a client make a HUGE print order and every single one of the prints they wanted in sepia. I was a little disappointed at first because sepia's not really my favorite thing. Here and there its okay but not every single picture. I worked and worked on those images... trying to find a sepia that I liked. Well, I finally did, and now I love it.

I know this is a departure for me and I'm sure I'm going to get some slack for doing this but I just thought it was fun and had a great feel to it.

Anyway, here they are. Wei and Herman we're married way back in May... I know, I'm soooooo behind. The wedding was at the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Niguel, one of my favorite places.wh01.jpg wh02.jpg wh03.jpg wh04.jpg wh05.jpg wh06.jpg wh07.jpg wh08.jpg wh09.jpg wh10.jpg wh11.jpg

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[August 19, 2008] Amanda Auer said:
You sure did it. They're amazing! Looking forward to the season slowing a bit for you, so that you can blog more eye candy!! :) BTW- Ritz = fave of mine, too.
[August 19, 2008] Bob P. said:
These are beautiful!
[August 19, 2008] Platinum Weddings by Kerrie said:
These are all so timeless and elegant!
[August 19, 2008] joyful weddings & events said:
Beautiful! I was going to say exactly what Kerrie said: timeless!
[August 20, 2008] Brian Khang said:
This is the first time I think someone blogged all sepia photos. Great job!
[August 20, 2008] jeret said:
Wow... These look awesome great job...
[August 22, 2008] Katherine said:
I don't usually like sepia, either, but these are absolutely lovely.
[August 23, 2008] Evelyn said:
Those are nice.
[September 16, 2008] Tina said:
Those pictures are beautiful.. the bridal gown is beautiful too.. I'm wondering where is the bridal grown made from?
[November 30, 2008] Rodolfo Arpia said:
Dude, your images look good in any tone ;-)

A few weeks ago I shot Cort and Ashley's beautiful wedding at the St. Regis. It was an amazing day with awesome vendors. It was designed and coordinated by one of my favorite people, Kerrie Underhill, of Platinum Weddings by Kerrie.

I picked a ton to share today. Here are a "few" of my favorites.





Meet Benjamin. Apparently if you get a gigantic suite at the St. Regis you also get Benjamin. Benjamin informed Ashley that he was there to do whatever she needed. Whether that was getting scotch tape, pouring champagne, pressing clothes... whatever you might need. I need a Benjamin.


Florals by: The Spiraled Stem



Can't complain about finding a sweet red row boat on the beach!







I love their reactions while making their way through the crowd in the grand entrance!


Here's where I got carried away... All the amazing paper details were designed by Jocey Bella Invites.










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[August 4, 2008] jason groupp said:
Rockin' shots Man!!
[August 4, 2008] Platinum Weddings by Kerrie said:
Even more fabulous than I ever could have imagined! Thank you again for adding your amazing humor, smile, and easygoing nature to the day. We were so lucky to have you there capturing all the moments:)
[August 4, 2008] Ashley Allyn said:
Michael - we are thrilled with these photos! We can't thank you enough for capturing the day so beautifully, including all the little details. The pictures of Benjamin are priceless, and we really appreciate you risking your life to get those cactus shots! We're so excited to see the rest, too. Love, Ashley and Cort
[August 4, 2008] Akil Bennett said:
killer detail shots dude!
[August 4, 2008] Gloria N said:
Michael, I want a Benjamin too!! Wanna go half and share one, hahaha! No, really you did an awesome job! You totally rocked Ashley & Cort's DAY!
[August 5, 2008] Eric said:
Great shots... Yeah I'm keeping an on things over here!
[August 5, 2008] jeret said:
Awesome job my friend.. love the details
[August 7, 2008] DavidLee said:
these are flipping amazing man! I love the last one and the ones of them on the boat!! Stellar job bro!!
[August 8, 2008] Erin Youngren said:
that cake = stinkin' adorable actually everything about this wedding = stinkin' adorable!
[August 8, 2008] Evelyn said:
Those are great!
[August 22, 2008] Bernice said:
Ashley and Cort are dear friends of mine and I'm so glad you were there to capture the special day so beautifully. I'm so glad that with all the weddings you do you still get carried away and enjoy your job. These photographs are more beautiful than I can tell you. :)
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This was a really special wedding for me. I've know Brooke most of her life. Our families have been the best of friends for what seems like forever and we've become this homogenized group affectionately known as "the fam". All that to say, Brooke's like a little sister to me.

Trever started dating Brooke about 5 years ago and from the day I met him I just knew he'd be a perfect addition to the family. We hit it off immediately and over the past several years he's become one of my closest friends. I was a groomsmen in the wedding so I didn't shoot the whole thing but they asked if I'd take them out for some portraits after the ceremony.

These two are almost impossible to take a bad picture of. I still have a ton of images to go through from this wedding but I wanted to put a few up for them to see on their honeymoon.

I love you guys!
hoehnes001.jpg hoehnes002.jpg hoehnes003.jpg hoehnes004.jpg hoehnes005.jpg hoehnes006.jpg

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[July 24, 2008] Linhbergh said:
I love this set, it's absolutely cute. :)
[July 24, 2008] Amanda Auer said:
You have out done yourself again. I love these.
[July 24, 2008] Brandi said:
These are so lovely.. And wow they are one good looking couple!
[July 25, 2008] Helen (Dogeared) said:
They are a ridiculously good looking couple, it's true! These are beautiful photos of the happy couple and I hope they had a wonderful day to start their married life. All the best to them, for a long, happy and prosperous future together.
[July 26, 2008] zack said:
i love these two. and the wedding was wonderful as well. great job on the photo mike.
[July 27, 2008] Jenny Lee said:
So beautiful!! These pictures really capture their personality and love.
[July 28, 2008] Brittany Watkins said:
These pictures are so beautiful! Great job Michael!
[July 29, 2008] sarah k chen said:
michael, these are all so beautiful! congratulations to your dear friends!
[July 29, 2008] Tiffany Aicklen said:
Aahhhh! So beautiful! Great photos:)
[July 30, 2008] Jen said:
Wonderful portraits, Michael. Just lovely!
[July 30, 2008] Aaron said:
Hey the new blog looks great, the only thing is you can't text the text in the first blog entry at the top of the page because of the wood background. Images look great!!
[July 31, 2008] neal said:
Beautiful light! Those images are soo much fun. Nice work!
[August 18, 2008] cassandra said:
i am in love with these few photos ~ are there more that we can see somewhere? the bride's dress and bouquet are absolutely perfect and exactly what i've been looking for! any resources you could provide would be SO appreciated...
[October 30, 2008] Asther said:
She's definitely a beauty!
[January 27, 2010] Katy said:
Absolutely stunning images Michael!

Jill and Harry came from the UK to have their wedding at Jill's mom's beautiful home in Fullerton. It was coordinated by one of my favorite people to work with, Courtney Toney! The location was sweet, the flowers and details were awesome and the couple was amazing. This wedding was a dream to shoot. Anyone else having a rad backyard wedding give me a call! I loved it!



















jh19.JPG These are two of my favorite images from the entire day. It was just getting dark, and it was just about time to put the flash on when I noticed them. I had my 50 1.2 on and I shot these at ISO 3200 at f1.8 at an 80th of a second. I could have gotten a much cleaner file shooting with a flash but it wouldn't have the same feel. I just love these.


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[July 15, 2008] Lara @ Southern Weddings said:
This wedding is my favorite all week! AMAZING. I love love love this wedding! Killer images!
[July 16, 2008] carlie said:
those detail shots kick some serious bootay!! and his kicks are amazing!!!
[July 16, 2008] Anonymous said:
Oh my gosh...how incredible is that??? These may be some of your best ever! Mom :)
[July 16, 2008] joyful weddings & events said:
A.maz.ing. Love them! It was such a fantastic wedding to be a part of and I am so happy that we have your incredible pics!
[July 16, 2008] Matt said:
I would have to agree with mama Norwood... Some of your best work for sure. Sweet colors to work with and you nailed the detail shots. LOVE the ring shots!
[July 16, 2008] Natalie Williams said:
I love the details, such a great color combo! Your images never cease to amaze me!
[July 16, 2008] Amanda Auer said:
Wow, Michael. These are truly stunning! What a fun wedding to be a part of!!
[July 16, 2008] Jasmine* said:
Seriously beautiful, my friend!! So darn clean, sharp, and pretty!! :)
[July 30, 2008] Jen said:
Mike, you did so well capturing their personalities. The colors look amaaazing! Looks like such a fun couple...love the shots in front of the store!
[October 30, 2008] Asther said:
Yummy yummy details!

Last week I shot Thanh and Nguyen. They know ahead of time that we're not going to have a lot of time on the day of the wedding so we scheduled a couple of hours to make sure we had some great stuff of them alone so we can be a little more relaxed when the day comes. We went to Laguna Beach and had a great time and were blessed with incredible light. Here are a few favorites!







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[July 12, 2008] jeret said:
Very nice my friend...
[July 13, 2008] Jory Cordy said:
good idea getting them done early. i freaking love the one shot by that kitchen!
[July 14, 2008] Amanda Auer said:
Cuuuuute, Michael! I love it!
[July 30, 2008] Jen said:
amazing photos on the jetties! wonderful location! WOW! amazing DOF you get in some of these photos...i'm not sure how you're doing it...but I'd love to know.

A few weeks ago I shot Emily and Colby's wedding outside Tulsa.  I'll be posting more soon but I was working on the images today and wanted to share a couple.


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[July 8, 2008] jeret said:
wow man... I can't wait to see the rest
[July 10, 2008] Sara said:
Wow, these are amazing...she will be thrilled! --Sara in San Antonio
[July 11, 2008] Evelyn said:
Those are pretty.
[July 30, 2008] Jen said:
great looking couple. beautiful location you had there. love the 2 you showed here!
[October 30, 2008] Asther said:
Love the one with the lake as background. Soooo romantic!
[December 2, 2008] Jade Webb said:
You're work is absolutely beautiful. I can't stop looking at these images. amazing
[December 19, 2016] Charles said:
You have brought up a very good details , thankyou for the post.

I'm off to shoot a wedding this weekend in beautiful Tulsa. I'll be out of the office from tomorrow (Thursday) through next Friday. I should have internet access throughout the time I'm away but it might take me a little bit longer than usual to get back with you. Please be patient during this time, I promise to get back to you!


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[June 20, 2008] Onada Photography said:
The new blog is AMAZING!! congratulations :)
[November 16, 2011] UGG BOOTS Hannen said:
thank you for your blog

Here's the second half of Peggy and Johnny's awesome wedding!










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[June 17, 2008] Jen Rinaldi Photography said:
Michael, Another beautiful set of this couple! What a wedding! You captured the details amazingly!
[June 17, 2008] angel swanson said:
all the detail shots are soooo perfect! i also adore the shot of peggy with the tear on her cheek. you did an incredible job, as always! can't wait until our next wedding together!
[June 17, 2008] Bonnie Berry said:
The new blog is looking good Senor Norwood. Looking good.
[June 17, 2008] jeret said:
Man I love those detail shots. WOW kickin butt
[June 18, 2008] Amanda Auer said:
Michael, the design on this wedding is INSANE. I love it. I must know who is responsible!!
[June 19, 2008] kristin @ the fairmount bride said:
Wow! Amazing pictures, you captured the day so beautifully!
June 16, 2008 Weddings

Peggy and Johnny were married last month and their wedding was so fabulous I knew I had to wait until the new blog was up to post it. They got married at the incredible Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills, and had the incomparable Angel Swanson coordinating, making sure everything went smoothly. I picked so many images from this wedding I decided to break it up into two days. Here's the first half... there's lot's more to come tomorrow! pj01.JPG
















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[June 16, 2008] echo said:
I love Greystone Mansion! Beautiful pictures and what a great NEW look for your blog!
[June 16, 2008] Platinum Weddings by Kerrie said:
Gorgeous photos- and I love the new look!! Congrats!
[June 16, 2008] FRED EGAN said:
NICE-it's up!
[June 16, 2008] Jen Rinaldi Photography said:
Beautiful new blog and beautifil first post. Fantastic details and variety!
[June 16, 2008] Akil Bennett said:
Great wedding dude! I'm stoked to see the new blog up and running, nice man!!
[June 17, 2008] angel swanson said:
SOOO gorgeous!! ;-) i love reminiscing about this beautiful day. thank you for always being amazing and getting such fantastic shots!! can't wait to see the rest. p.s. your new blog is sweeeeet.
[June 23, 2008] Joyful Weddings & Events said:
Love the new site & what a beautiful wedding to kick it off with!
[July 3, 2008] Anonymous said:
love your work, these images are amazing!