September 17, 2009 Family , Travel

A few weeks ago Cyndie, Makenzie and I went camping up near Yosemite. We spent one of the days in the Yosemite valley and I can't tell you how inspiring that place is. Every time I'm there I'm amazed. It's so incredible it doesn't even look real. Man I would do anything to shoot a wedding there!

After taking an afternoon swim in the frigid river we took a few pictures. I've posted plenty of images of Makenzie but Cyndie's a little more camera shy. Its time she made an appearance on the blog! :)

It took a little work getting this image... self timer, no tripod, using rocks and sticks to hold the camera in place, haha. Here's my beautiful family!

I had a tourist offer to take this picture of us. He was sure that because he had a Nikon D40 that he knew what to do with my camera. He took like 6 pictures and got one in focus, haha.

Cyndie took this one. She's never cared too much about it but I'm slowly getting her into shooting. She's getting pretty good. Maybe its time to put her to work?

[September 18, 2009] joel rivas said:
great pictures the one you and makenzie.
[September 18, 2009] jamie delaine said:
SO cute to see photos of your fam!
[September 18, 2009] Anonymous said:
They're all beautiful, of course. I LOVE the close up of Makenzie with the mountains in the background! :)
[September 18, 2009] Ian Andrew said:
Wow, what amazing views! great images. The first one with the rock texture in the background is incredible. Seems so massive. Nice work man
[September 18, 2009] chipgillespie said:
*skinny* capitalist... And, hey -- don't knock the Nikon shooters... ;)
[September 18, 2009] Joe Latter said:
Cool pix. Love Yosemite, I do a family trip every spring with the family. Just one question, who's the skinny guy with your family.
[September 18, 2009] Victor said:
love the family pictures, you're daughter is so cute! I was wondering, what lens you used throughout your trip?
[September 18, 2009] Rachel Perry said:
Very cool views. I've always wanted to go!
[September 18, 2009] Cait said:
Awesome! I always forget my tripod and end up propping the camera up on stuff. Love that last shot: so cute!
[September 18, 2009] Candy Howard said:
Looks like an amazing trip. Everyone looks like they are having so much fun!
[September 19, 2009] jenberry said:
very cute. what a beautiful family. and yosemite isn't so bad itself.
[September 21, 2009] Stacey Gresham said:
Thanks so much for sharing these great photos of your family! The last one is so awesome, I'm glad you got to be in a couple of them!
[September 21, 2009] Bethany Fegles said:
Hi Michael! Love your blog! Beautiful family shots at Yosemite. I'm from out of state and flying in to shoot a wedding at Yosemite in October. Since you've been there, what lenses would you say are a must? Thanks! :) Bethany
[September 27, 2009] Elizabeth Witt Walters said:
The first picture is great!
[September 29, 2009] Amy Russell said:
These shots are great! Makes me think of when we go hiking/camping with Nathan's family in New Mexico or Utah. It's wonderful to see the whole fam as well. Beautiful pictures. Beautiful family!
[October 3, 2009] Kirsty-Abu Dhabi said:
Absolutely gorgeous - family and scenery - it's always nice to see the behind the scenes stuff and people
[October 5, 2009] kristin @ The Treasured Petal said:
You guys are an adorable family! Yay for quality time!
[October 13, 2009] JENNIFER SKOG said:
Such awesome family pics! Your daughter is so beautiful!
[February 2, 2010] Michele Rutherford-Brincefield said:
Cyndie & Michael, next time your in the area give your cousin a call. Absolutely amazing !!Michael you do wonderful work.