It's late and I just lost everything I typed... again. I shot Makenzie in Central Park and the stayed to watch the filming of Law & Order Criminal Intent. Here are some pictures.

mny01.jpg mny02.jpg mny03.jpg mny04.jpg mny05.jpg mny06.jpg mny07.jpg mny08.jpg mny09.jpg mny10.jpg mny11.jpg mny12.jpg mny13.jpg mny14.jpg mny15.jpg mny16.jpg mny17.jpg mny18.jpg mny19.jpg

[October 9, 2008] Jennifer Skog said:
your comment made me laugh. Been there WAY too many times to relate! She seriously has to be the cutest thing ever! What a personality she has! Did she pick out her own outfit?! I love the hat... Love every image!
[October 9, 2008] Courtney said:
Goldblum wants to take you out! ha. that girl is adorable and so comfortable in front of the camera. great pictures.
[October 9, 2008] Bonnie Berry said:
Great shots of Mackenzie. And I am such a 'Law and Order' whore that I drooled over those.
[October 9, 2008] Shy said:
I still think your little girl is one of the prettiest little ladies I have ever seen. I say you start preparing yourself with rifle lessons so as to intimidate the drove of boys who will be banging on your door! :)
[October 9, 2008] david & kim - ohana photographers said:
love the sequence shots of her she is too adorable! law and order, that's awesome!!! nice lighting in those too!
[October 9, 2008] Gloria N said:
I am so lovin' the "Many faces of Mackenzie", she is way too adorable for words! And seriously Michael, Jeff is comin' for ya, you'd better watch out!
[October 9, 2008] joyful weddings & events said:
She is so adorable! I hope you guys are having a great time!
[October 9, 2008] Brian Khang said:
That's some great lighting and how cool is that, that you got to stay around for the filming of Law & Order.
[October 10, 2008] Lizett Esparza said:
OMG! your little girl is such a doll:) Love the stairs shots! awesome work! once again:)
[October 11, 2008] Sara said:
Michael, these are GREAT! I love her faces!! She is the new GAP girl in my mind. :) --Cousin Sara
[October 14, 2008] Evelyn said:
I LOVE Law & Order! It's cool that they actually shoot where the show is based. I watched a little of "CSI: New York" the other day. It was about a cop being shot in Central Park. But you could tell they probably just used some park in Pasadena. All the shots were pointing downward, so as not to catch any palm trees in the background. Lame and lazy. I would've loved to see the L&O folks at work.
[October 15, 2008] Cathy and David Photographers said:
Dude! It was so much fun getting to meet with you! :) Can't wait to meet you on your own turf some day. ;)
[October 15, 2008] Jen VanSuydam said:
She is the cutest darn thing. What a beautiful little girl.
[October 16, 2008] Michelle said:
Hello There Michael, I really love your pictures of Jeff Goldblum from Law & Order:Criminal Intent. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind me using them in my website, I'd credit you if you accept :) thanks -Michelle
[October 18, 2008] AmyC said:
Norwood! Update, man! LOVE the pictures of Makenzie.
[October 22, 2008] jenberry said:
wow. the lighting in your photos is unbelievably perfect. the african pictures were some of the best i have ever seen. you should become a professional. haha. i have a hat like mackenzie, but i totall don't look that cute. What lens were you using with Mackenzie?
[October 23, 2008] angel swanson said:
makenzie is absolute perfect. what a beautiful girl!!
[November 10, 2008] Catha Duck said:
Michael... Makenzie's mother-in-law is going to be so disappointed at the rehearsal dinner when everyone is laughing at her son's awkward snapshots and are ooo-ing and aww-ing over your perfect pictures of your perfectly beautiful little girl.
[December 1, 2008] Bobbie Brown said:
Hi! I just came over from Jessica Claire's blog... Just going down thru here checking all your amazing pictures and I just HAD to comment on this post! I LOVE LOVE these pictures! So cute!!!!!
[December 8, 2008] anna brewer said:
pretty sure you and the wifey should get an award or something for making such a cute kid! :)
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