September 22, 2008 Kenya , Travel

Today was an incredible day. Check out the images to see why.

These first few were actually from yesterday. We went to a Kenyan church and these are some of the people that were there.
kenya021.jpg kenya022.jpg kenya023.jpg kenya024.jpg This is Nick. He runs a group called community transformers that cares for people dying of AIDS. They also do free testing and counseling. AIDS is an enormous issue here. Its said that the number of people infected with HIV or AIDS might be as high as 1 in 3.

kenya025.jpg This is the first home we visited today. Judy, who you can see on the bed, has advanced AIDS and has just recently received treatment. Her mom and sister on either side of her also have AIDS as does her 12 year old daughter who is currently in the hospital with AIDS related illnesses. kenya026.jpg kenya027.jpg kenya028.jpg kenya029.jpg kenya030.jpg kenya031.jpg kenya032.jpg kenya033.jpg kenya034.jpg This is one of the nicer streets in Methare, a slum outside of Nairobi. The germans came in about 10 years ago and paved the roads in this section and buried sewer lines. In the other portions there are ditches on either side of the street flowing with raw sewage. Ironically this doesn't seem to be an issue in the residents health. The sewer lines dump directly into a river that the runs through the slum.

Kibera, the slum I was in on the first day is one of the largest in the world with 1.2 million residents. Methare only has a couple hundred thousand.kenya035.jpg This is Francis. He has advanced AIDS and also suffers from tuberculosis. He was thrown out of his home recently and had to move in with his sister and her son. This normally wouldn't be too much of an issue except for the face that tuberculosis is an airborn illness and is easily spread. kenya036.jpg kenya037.jpg kenya038.jpg kenya039.jpg kenya040.jpg kenya041.jpg These last few are just some artsy fartsy images I took while waiting to be picked up. Lots of texture here.

kenya042.jpg kenya043.jpg kenya044.jpg kenya045.jpg

[September 22, 2008] carrie@urbanbaby said:
wow, these images are so moving, so stunning. absolutely beautiful, and so heartbreaking at the same time.
[September 22, 2008] MA5EN said:
Amazing images man! I look forward to seeing more. Be safe out there!
[September 22, 2008] FRED EGAN said:
The first image of Francis...amazing.
[September 22, 2008] joyful weddings & events said:
I have loved all of your posts Michael- such amazing shots! I cannot wait to hear all about the rest of the trip.
[September 22, 2008] Akil Bennett said:
Great post man...It makes you realize how fortunate we are to live here.
[September 22, 2008] Kari said:
wow...the aids images are heart wrenching.
[September 23, 2008] tolu said:
These images from your trip to Kenya are really powerful.
[September 23, 2008] Joe R. said:
Touching images Mike, I'm sure you will come home a changed man after this trip.
[September 24, 2008] Alexandra said:
Michael... these are amazing. I'm tearing up even though I'm here seeing it with my own eyes! Brilliant job, I'm sorry I missed you, I hope you have a safe trip back, and I'll be sure to check up on your blog!!! It was great to meet you! - Alexandra
[September 24, 2008] adam said:
Michael...all I can say is, wow. These are exactly the kind of moments that need to be captured. We love and miss you guys and are in prayer for God to continue to do incredible things with you, through you, and to you as you reach out in love to others! These pictures will no doubt spark a passion and a heart for the people of Kenya here back home. I can't wait to hear the stories. When you get back and all settled in for awhile, how does lunch sound? I'll even let you supersize your meal.
[September 29, 2008] jessica claire said:
hey, nice lock!!
[September 15, 2015] peter majdan said:
great images, well done
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