September 20, 2008 Kenya , Travel

Our fist day in Kenya was incredible. We spent the day in the slums outside of Nairobi. We visited WEEP Centers which take women with AIDS who are on their death beds and get them anti-viral meds and food and once they're well enough they teach them to sew. They learn to make mosquito nets, school uniforms and a few other things. They sell those items and they're then able to buy food for their children, put them in school, pay their rent... basically live.

Many of the women have even saved enough money to buy other "homes" and have become landlords. These centers take people who have been ostracized and turn them into leaders in their community. Its amazing to see the joy on these womens' faces when they tell the story of how they came from nothing to where they are now.

Kenya is one of the most amazing places I've ever been... and the people are what make it. This first man I could have spent the whole day photographing.





















[September 20, 2008] carrie@urbanbaby said:
just saw your tweet....these are incredible images, michael. what an amazing experience.
[September 20, 2008] Kelli said:
Oh wow, I LOVE these. It kinda makes me miss Africa. You've done an amazing job with these people.
[September 20, 2008] Eric Farewell said:
Amazing stuff brother... I'm truly looking forward to seeing more from your time there.
[September 20, 2008] Carl. said:
These are amazing!!! You're are doing such wonderful job on documenting the lives of these Kenyans.
[September 20, 2008] jeret said:
How cool is that.. awesome shots bro!!! you will have to tell me all about it when you get back.
[September 21, 2008] serena said:
wow....these are incredible images, michael. thank you for sharing.
[September 21, 2008] Helen (Dogeared) said:
These are awesome photos, Michael! It looks like you're having an amazing time, and I can't wait to see more photos - thanks for letting my travel vicariously ;-)
[September 21, 2008] Bonnie Berry said:
These are truly amazing. What wonderful work you are doing.
[September 21, 2008] Brian Khang said:
Dude totally awesome photos. Is someone getting a haircut in the background of one of the photos?
[September 21, 2008] Julie said:
these are simply beautiful. what a great experience and look at world outside the cozy us of a. keep these coming!
[September 21, 2008] Tiffany Aicklen said:
Wow . . . I'm in love. These are stunning. Can't wait to see more. I'm glad your there, can't wait to here all about it.
[November 10, 2008] Tim Halberg said:
dude... these images are AMAZING!!!! seriously, the faces, the detail everything!
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