I was going through my images today and came across a wedding I shot a few months ago. In May, I went with my friend, Travis, to Aruba. What an incredible place. If it weren't for the humidity, I'd pack up and move tomorrow.

I was thumbing through a past issue of Grace Ormonde a few days ago and noticed that my good friend and dad to new twins, Mike Colon, shot Timbaland's wedding on the same beach on Renaissance Island. Small world.

Anyway here are a few shots from the wedding.

How amazing is this place? We had a little free time and took a few personal pics too. Not a ton though as we spent most of the time swimming in the most incredible water I've ever seen.

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[September 22, 2009] Dennis Bullock said:
These are so fantastic....I can just smell the salty air.
[September 22, 2009] Eliza Lewis said:
I have always loved seeing pics of Aruba. You did a great job with their wedding! That water is truly unbelievable!!
[September 22, 2009] jenberry said:
i CRAVE that reverse hammock shot. I want one just like it of my husband and i. amazing. as usual you make me jealous. gorgeous.
[September 22, 2009] megan welker said:
you are on a blogging frrrrenzy! and i love it! these photos are absolutely stunning!
[September 23, 2009] Kayla said:
These are beautiful! Love them!
[September 23, 2009] Bri Stine said:
You are on a blog roll... and I love it! Looks like you've got some good experience in Caribbean weddings! ;)
[February 1, 2010] Dorie said:
Love the last one of the couple on the hammock. Lovely
[March 18, 2015] UK Photographer - Glenn said:
Love your work. You have had the pleasure of working with not just fantastic couples, but in some awesome locations. You work here in Aruba is simply stunning.
[September 27, 2016] Serge ~ Aruba said:
Wow! Love these images. Just spectacular how you capture this beautiful wedding couple where I live. Thank you for sharing!
[December 1, 2016] Anonymous said:
Hi to all, how is everything, I think every one is getting more from this site, and your views
September 17, 2009 Family , Travel

A few weeks ago Cyndie, Makenzie and I went camping up near Yosemite. We spent one of the days in the Yosemite valley and I can't tell you how inspiring that place is. Every time I'm there I'm amazed. It's so incredible it doesn't even look real. Man I would do anything to shoot a wedding there!

After taking an afternoon swim in the frigid river we took a few pictures. I've posted plenty of images of Makenzie but Cyndie's a little more camera shy. Its time she made an appearance on the blog! :)

It took a little work getting this image... self timer, no tripod, using rocks and sticks to hold the camera in place, haha. Here's my beautiful family!

I had a tourist offer to take this picture of us. He was sure that because he had a Nikon D40 that he knew what to do with my camera. He took like 6 pictures and got one in focus, haha.

Cyndie took this one. She's never cared too much about it but I'm slowly getting her into shooting. She's getting pretty good. Maybe its time to put her to work?

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[September 18, 2009] joel rivas said:
great pictures buddy...love the one you and makenzie.
[September 18, 2009] jamie delaine said:
SO cute to see photos of your fam!
[September 18, 2009] Anonymous said:
They're all beautiful, of course. I LOVE the close up of Makenzie with the mountains in the background! :)
[September 18, 2009] Ian Andrew said:
Wow, what amazing views! great images. The first one with the rock texture in the background is incredible. Seems so massive. Nice work man
[September 18, 2009] chipgillespie said:
*skinny* capitalist... And, hey -- don't knock the Nikon shooters... ;)
[September 18, 2009] Joe Latter said:
Cool pix. Love Yosemite, I do a family trip every spring with the family. Just one question, who's the skinny guy with your family.
[September 18, 2009] Victor said:
love the family pictures, you're daughter is so cute! I was wondering, what lens you used throughout your trip?
[September 18, 2009] Rachel Perry said:
Very cool views. I've always wanted to go!
[September 18, 2009] Cait said:
Awesome! I always forget my tripod and end up propping the camera up on stuff. Love that last shot: so cute!
[September 18, 2009] Candy Howard said:
Looks like an amazing trip. Everyone looks like they are having so much fun!
[September 19, 2009] jenberry said:
very cute. what a beautiful family. and yosemite isn't so bad itself.
[September 21, 2009] Stacey Gresham said:
Thanks so much for sharing these great photos of your family! The last one is so awesome, I'm glad you got to be in a couple of them!
[September 21, 2009] Bethany Fegles said:
Hi Michael! Love your blog! Beautiful family shots at Yosemite. I'm from out of state and flying in to shoot a wedding at Yosemite in October. Since you've been there, what lenses would you say are a must? Thanks! :) Bethany
[September 27, 2009] Elizabeth Witt Walters said:
The first picture is great!
[September 29, 2009] Amy Russell said:
These shots are great! Makes me think of when we go hiking/camping with Nathan's family in New Mexico or Utah. It's wonderful to see the whole fam as well. Beautiful pictures. Beautiful family!
[October 3, 2009] Kirsty-Abu Dhabi said:
Absolutely gorgeous - family and scenery - it's always nice to see the behind the scenes stuff and people
[October 5, 2009] kristin @ The Treasured Petal said:
You guys are an adorable family! Yay for quality time!
[October 13, 2009] JENNIFER SKOG said:
Such awesome family pics! Your daughter is so beautiful!
[February 2, 2010] Michele Rutherford-Brincefield said:
Cyndie & Michael, next time your in the area give your cousin a call. Absolutely amazing !!Michael you do wonderful work.

Its been so long since I blogged I had a hard time remembering the URL to login... then an even tougher time remembering my username and password. I apologize.

Last week I went to New York for a shoot and a few meetings. I absolutely love it there. The city, the weather, and most of all... the people. I hear from a lot of people that Orange County has a community among photographers that doesn't happen in the rest of the country. Every time I'm in New York I'm reminded of how wrong that statement is. I stayed with my good friend and amazing photographer Carlos Andres Varela while I was there and EVERY night he took me out and we had the best time hanging out with our other good photographer friends Mel Barlow, Jason Groupp, Allan Zepeda, Lindsey Thorne, Shelly Kroeger, Angelica Glass and my favorite photo editor Rebecca Crumley. There are awesome photographers and an amazing community in NYC and I'm so happy be a small part of it and to call them my friends.

On to the real reason for the post... On Wednesday I met my new BFFs Brett and Claire in Manhattan last week to shoot some portraits of them. They wanted some shots of their first trip to the city. Brett is an awesome wedding photographer from Oklahoma. Check out his work. We had a blast running around the city on what was the most perfect day I've experienced in a long time.

Ok, on to the images.

We started down in the alleys in China Town.





brettandclaire10.jpg Then we headed up to SoHo. They wanted some paparazzi style images like these from last time I was in New york.






brettandclaire19.jpg Then we caught the subway and headed up to Madison Square Park in the Flat Iron District.








brettandclaire31.jpg We ended the shoot in Central Park.





New York is my favorite place in the world to shoot. I'm going to be back there the first week of May. If anyone else wants a shoot there shoot me an email!

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[March 22, 2009] Jasmine Marie said:
Gosh I love NYC. SO much fun to shoot there. Excellent job, Michael!
[March 22, 2009] Carlos Andres Varela said:
Awesome job Michael. One of my favorite NYC engagement shoots for sure!!!
[March 22, 2009] Suzanne said:
Rad, Rad, Rad. Great shots! Gosh, i really miss NYC.
[March 22, 2009] Edmund Prieto said:
Dude your work stands out so much to me, I love it. Great job you nailed it!
[March 22, 2009] Jamie Delaine said:
RIDICulously gorgeous. Sheesh.
[March 22, 2009] Carlos Andres Varela said:
Awesome job Michael. One of my favorite NYC engagement shoots for sure!!!
[March 22, 2009] Brett Heidebrecht said:
Michael! Claire and I are obsessed with these! You exceeded all of our expectations... and I had HIGH expectations! Your the man! Thank you so much!
[March 22, 2009] MegRuth said:
These are really phenomenal. Love the light in the park images. Just gorgeous.
[March 23, 2009] allan z. said:
good stuff norwood! glad you had a good time out here!!! ;)
[March 23, 2009] chipgillespie said:
Unreal, dude! Great shoot! Will we get to see you while you're in Houston?
[March 23, 2009] Kayla said:
These are amazing! Oh course any photo shoot in NYC would be awesome for sure! Great job!
[March 23, 2009] Trever Hoehne said:
bro, killer shoot. love it!
[March 23, 2009] Jeret Slack said:
Awesome shoot my friend love the lighting, backgrounds awesome locations. Keep them coming...
[March 23, 2009] joyful weddings and events said:
Love these! Makes me jealous. I want to be there. Glad to see you back on here!
[March 23, 2009] joyful weddings and events said:
Love these! Makes me jealous. I want to be there. Glad to see you back on here!
[March 23, 2009] Akil Bennett said:
hey man, nice shoot! lovin' the light and locations
[March 23, 2009] caroline said:
I've so missed your updates!
[March 23, 2009] Onada said:
love this post! the lighting is great!
[March 23, 2009] Olivia Leigh said:
Love these. Great light and energy.
[March 24, 2009] Sarah Smith Photography said:
these are awesome. i am 3 hours north of the city and i have not yet had the opportunity to shoot a session there...looking forward to it though. I am going to be there in June and July though :) enjoy your trip back in May!
[March 24, 2009] brad peters said:
Great shots, was wondering if you fell off the map ... welcome back! Love the balance of light you have in the Flat Iron shots.
[March 24, 2009] Kristen said:
Wonderful images Michael - ALL OF THEM! I would want them all if I were this couple.
[March 24, 2009] Events by Evonne said:
I love NYC... makes me want to go visit now! :) Beautiful photos...
[March 26, 2009] Ayesha said:
These are so beautiful.... relaxed and fun. It reminds me of why i heart New York. Michael you are an amazing photographer!!! How I wish i got the opportunity to meet you when you were in town!
[March 26, 2009] imthiaz houseman said:
Wow! Not only are they a cute couple but the backdrop of NYC fits them perfectly...well done!
[March 26, 2009] Anonymous said:
This is the most beautiful couple ever-- and some of the most fantastic photography i have ever seen! you are by far one of my top favorite photographers! GREAT JOB- keep it up!
[March 30, 2009] FELIX WU said:
These photos are awesome! The light and the colours are amazing.
[April 2, 2009] Rob said:
Whoa, stunning gal. great shots. love the ones on the subway. sickness i tell you.
[April 8, 2009] Donavan Freberg said:
Amazing shots. Can I ask what lens you used for these, particularly the subway shots? Love these!
[April 10, 2009] Lilian said:
There are AMAZING !! I believe one of the best NYC couple shoot I've seen. I borrowed some of the pictures and posted on my blog (http://nuflaiir.com). Fantastic work !
[April 10, 2009] Lilian said:
[April 29, 2009] caroline said:
absolutely my favorite shoot you've done yet! so so impressive.
[July 10, 2009] Arno Paul said:
One of my favorite session : just perfect. Bravo !
[February 22, 2010] tim tab said:
seriously, this still remains in my memory as one of the best engagement shoots ever!!!! haha... I keep this in mind as a standard to reach!!!
[March 6, 2017] Donald said:
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February 11, 2009 Travel , Weddings

I'm determined to get caught up on blogging. If you knew how many weddings and shoots I was behind you'd either laugh or have a new level of respect for me. Probably laugh though. Last New Year's Eve was spent in Atlanta shooting the out-of-control-awesome wedding/vow renewal of Ami and Scott. They had a beautifully intimate celebration and I'm so glad Jessica brought me along!

If you remember from the rehearsal images at Turner Field I shot film that week. It was a lot of fun. I love choosing in the moment whether to shoot in black and white or color. Shooting black and white in camera has always annoyed me in digital. I always wonder if I would have liked the shot better in color so I just don't do it. With film its different, I love black and white film so much I never think that. On to the images.

I love these first few of Ami right after getting dressed.



atlantaWD03.jpg Scott knows how to work it for the camera too.

atlantaWD04.jpg A few portraits around the venue. It was COLD that day. Ami was such a trooper!



atlantaWD07.jpg I love this series right before Ami heads down the aisle!



atlantaWD10.jpg During the cocktail hour they had blackjack tables set up. So fun!

atlantaWD11.jpg Ahhhh details. This wedding was FULL of amazing details. The two long tables might have been the best I've ever seen. Just amazing.


atlantaWD13.jpg I love black and white film so much. It even makes the table shots interesting.

atlantaWD14.jpg Ami and Scott hired professional dancers to entertain during dinner and to teach the guests during the dancing, it was such a hit.

atlantaWD16.jpg Ami and her dad. Love his expression.

atlantaWD17.jpg This little series was during the same day edit the videographers showed. It was awesome and got some great reactions from the couple.

atlantaWD18.jpg Happy New Year!


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[February 12, 2009] Anonymous said:
I love love love all of the shots, but especially the first two b&w close ups of the details of her dress/shoes. It shows there is NOTHING like film. You've inspired me to use film for my wedding shoot this weekend. Wonderful images. Kristen
[February 12, 2009] Ami @ Elizabeth Anne Designs said:
michael - i am absolutely IN LOVE with all of them. thank you so much for including so many shots of our friends and family and the same-day-edit series is just fantastic! my mom, by the way, already loves you but is going to love you even more for those three of me before i head into the ceremony. :)
[February 12, 2009] Foster Cryer said:
I love the the B&W pics. I especially like the noise on the first few; are you shooting with Nikon or Canon?
[February 12, 2009] jenberry said:
ok. really. I want to take a workshop, meet you, something. you amaze me. a true photographer... you know how to use film (i can say i don't). that long aisle shot is so so beautiful. I also love the one where Ami turns and looks at the camera just before heading down the stairs. The light in the window color shots is perfect. Should i go on and on. ps - i still need to have some "engagement" type photos done. i did the avatar ones already while you were booked.
[March 22, 2009] Leah said:
I first saw images of this wedding on Jessica's blog. Seeing more here I seriously think this must have been one of the best weddings of ALL TIME! I hope that couple is blessed with happiness their entire lives. Great work M!

Last week Mark Brooke and I went to Atlanta to shoot a wedding with our good friend Jessica Claire. The bride was Ami, of the wedding superblog, Elizabeth Anne Designs. They had the rehearsal dinner at Turner field and being a lifelong Braves fan I couldn't have been happier. We took a couple of hours before the dinner and shot some portraits of the couple around the stadium. It was a blast.

One of the things that made it even more fun for me was shooting film all week. I didn't take out my digital camera once. These images are straight from the camera, nothing was done in photoshop other than resizing them for the web. In reality I would probably do some dodging and burning but there is something about film that makes all of the things I would do to it if it were digital not matter. The lab I got them processed at did some auto corrections on the scans which I'm not super happy with but for the most part I love the way they look and I'll definitely be shooting more film at my own weddings. For those that care, the color film I shot that day was Fuji Pro400H and the black and white was Kodak TMAX3200.

My partners in crime for the week.






















atlrehearsal23.jpg It was pretty cool getting to see the World Series trophy. I remember that game like it was yesterday.


This is the bride's dad. I can't tell you how excited he was being there.

atlrehearsal26.jpg This was his view...



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[January 7, 2009] Brian Khang said:
Yay for film!! Something for sure I want to add to my weddings. You did a kick butt job as always!!
[January 7, 2009] Ami @ Elizabeth Anne Designs said:
Michael these are AMAZING! That picture of my dad is just the best. And wow skin looks great on film. :)
[January 7, 2009] Mikael said:
LOVE the B/W images. Of course they are all great, but those b/w make me miss the days. Glad you are pulling it out again.
[January 7, 2009] jenberry said:
so excited to see a post from you. I am so impressed with the use of film. i love it. i wish i could do it. the grain is extraordinary. as usual, i love all your shots.
[January 7, 2009] Mike Hall said:
Michael it was a pleasure meeting you, along with Jessica, Mark, Katie and Matt, while you were here in Atlanta. Liana and I enjoyed hanging out over dinner. We're just glad we weren't around when you were convincing people to get their noses pierced! Awesome work here and in your other posts. Take care...
[January 7, 2009] [ b ] said:
film sucks! ;-) great shots, but i think they'd look better if they were captured digitally. i know it's almost the cool thing to shoot film again... so old school... so vinyl. but i love the look of digital and i sure don't miss having dust spots on my images like you do in a few of them! and wait, what year did the braves actually win the world series? i know they made the playoffs like 13 years in a row, but i don't recall them actually winning the WS?
[January 8, 2009] janine kaye said:
these are sensational..you have captured their connection and the amazing space of the stadium so well. I am sure they will love these. My absolute fav is the one of the dad..he was glowing! Love it!!
[January 8, 2009] Jenna said:
I'm always blown away when I see what can be done with film, especially this time when I'm able to see the digital images that were shot side by side. I love the graininess of the black and white, and the 4th one down of the two of them laughing. I'm excited to see what else you captured from the event.
[January 8, 2009] feisty tourist said:
gorgeous!!! i'm so happy to "finally" get to see what you were doing that day. ;)
[January 8, 2009] Edmund Prieto said:
Wow Michael I had know idea how amazing film could look, good job.
[January 8, 2009] anna brewer said:
omg! pretty sure that's the coolest thing ever! taking pictures on the field of the braves! (not particularly a braves fan...but SO cool!!) the pictures are awesome!!
[January 8, 2009] anna said:
these pictures are awesome!! i don't think it gets much cooler than taking pics on a real baseball field. LOVE it!!
[January 8, 2009] Cynthia Q said:
Love the connection you captured between this couple-very sweet, serene, and romantic. You can see how comfortable they are with each other and that they are very close. Beautiful pics. Thanks for sharing some technical info. Love that you took these in film!
[January 8, 2009] Amelia Thornton said:
Michael - WOW...you get an A+ for pulling out the film - that is awesome. Your shots are so beautiful. I already checked out JC and MB's pics. Honestly, I don't know how this couple is going to choose which photos to put in their album. Great job!!
[January 9, 2009] Caroline said:
Wow, I haven't shot a single thing on film since my trip to Costa Rica. I'm just now realizing that was in 2004. It's sometimes worth the hassle!
[January 10, 2009] Hanssie said:
Film! Wow...it looks and sounds like fun! What a fun shoot!
[April 14, 2009] Onsite Minnesota Photography said:
I love the grainy black and white of the field. Great Picture!

Tonight I shot Blake and Krystle's day after session outside Houston. Blake and Krystle eloped a couple of months ago but decided they needed some "wedding pictures". They called me up a few weeks ago and luckily I was open so I flew out here to shoot some images for them. My friends over at Studio563 gave me a little direction on some good spots and we had an awesome time and got some really fun stuff.












bc12.jpg After a while they changed in to their normal clothes for a few engagement style images. The light faded quickly but we got a few off before dark.



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[December 11, 2008] clint said:
these are great! to bad it didn't snow....
[December 11, 2008] jenberry said:
stop it. did you say "today". you shot this today and blogged. You are rad. Once again i LOVE the stair shots. love the holding hands shots. love the shot away from camera/holding her dress. actually come to think of it, most of them are wicked!
[December 12, 2008] Craig D said:
Dude thanks for the link. Okay now the praise. As usual bro, this stuff looks INSANE! cool to see different takes on places we shoot often. Great shoot man.
[December 12, 2008] Pascal said:
The settings are fabulous and add a lot to the atmosphere. The pics are just gorgeous.
[December 12, 2008] Cathy and David Photographers said:
Again you prove to me why you're one of my top top top favorite photogs. :)
[December 12, 2008] Lindsay P. said:
This shoot seriously rocks! LOVE the ones with the bridge in the background. And really love to see your eye on a place I shoot regularaly! Awesome, awesome, awesome!
[December 12, 2008] ScotWharton said:
These ROCK! Dude, nice job, I agree with Lindsay, the ones with the bridge....NICE!
[December 12, 2008] Meg said:
Great locations and really beautiful photos!
[December 12, 2008] Vanessa - V3 Weddings & Events said:
What a fun spot for pictures! These are AWESOME!
[December 12, 2008] Anna said:
Amazing locations.. :) Love these!
[December 15, 2008] chipgillespie said:
How you gonna come into our backyard and show us how to shoot it?!? That's messed up. Amazing shoot man! Come back soon (only, this time, I'm stalking you at a distance with the 200...)
[December 17, 2008] Aaron Dieppa said:
Norwoooood!!! Awesome as usual man! Haven't seen you in awhile...we need to hang out after the new year!
[December 29, 2008] Cynthia Q. said:
Cool shots!
[January 6, 2009] Jonathan Ruiz said:
Awesome photos Mike! I like the details in the brickwork.
November 17, 2008 Man Trip , Portraits , Travel

The adventure has begun... follow along at MAMMOTHMEN.COM

For the blow by blow follow me on twitter! Click here.mammothmen.jpg

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5 Comments Add A Comment
[November 18, 2008] .escamilla. said:
this is fantastic! so...when does mammoth women begin???
[November 19, 2008] bobbi+ said:
[November 21, 2008] CReid said:
I loved the last sand/beach shots!!!
[November 21, 2008] Helen (Dogeared) said:
Can I assume by the "legendary" and "suited up" comments that at least one of the Mammoth Men is a fan of Barney from "How I Met Your Mother"? If so, I think I just got even more admiration for the group. "This is going to be legen- wait for it, and I hope you're not lactose intolerant, because the next part is - DAIRY!" Hee!
[September 23, 2016] Donald said:
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November 10, 2008 Travel , Weddings

Katy and John were married last month at John's parents insanely amazing home in Palm Springs. I think I've come to realize that backyard weddings are my favorite to shoot... of course it has to be the right backyard. :) The wedding was coordinated by Red 25 Events. They did an awesome job.

Here are a few favorites from the day.



























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11 Comments Add A Comment
[November 10, 2008] carrie@urbanbaby said:
gorgeous. these belong in grace ormonde.
[November 10, 2008] Jeremy Gilliam said:
You are consistently raising the bar for all of us. Your portraits glow, your details jump out, your action shots are alive, and you're a sexy beast. Well done, again.
[November 10, 2008] jessica claire said:
there is a ridiculous amount of awesomeness in this post!
[November 10, 2008] jenberry said:
how excited am i. you blogged photos. AND they are wicked and fabulously. you are inspirational. love the couple sitting on the high angle steps. you rule.
[November 10, 2008] Katy Kennedy said:
Michael - You are so awesome! I love, love, love the photos you have posted on the blog. We are so lucky to have worked with you. Can't wait to see the rest of the photos! - Katy
[November 11, 2008] Amy Lewis said:
What a beautiful couple...and a beautiful wedding!
[November 12, 2008] Lawrence @ Furious Photographers said:
Beautiful wedding! Awesome backyard indeed :D
[November 13, 2008] Jennifer said:
WOW! Seriously amazing work. What a fantastic couple. The details are so exquisitely captured-love it!
[November 18, 2008] Cathy and David Photographers said:
DUDE!!! Loving every single shot man but for some reason I really dig the detail shots in these. :)
[December 6, 2008] Tiffany Aicklen said:
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful
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In the early wintery months of 2008, eight celebrated, award-winning and downright awesome photographers from all over the country grabbed their snowboards to ride the mountains of Mammoth, California. This marked the beginning of what is now known as...wait for it...The Mammoth Men. What ensued during that getaway was a week filled with adventure, spontaneity, hijinks and storied tales. A bond was forged amongst these men and a commitment made to doing it again, and doing it often!

During the Summer of 2008, The Mammoth Men hit the road again. Only this time, they loaded up 10 photographers in a Prevost rock star tour bus, drove for five days up the California Coast and shared it with everyone via their traffic happy blog. So much so that their blog readers actually got to choose their day-to-day adventures while watching them play out the next day. The blog following continued even after the West coast trip ended and garnered media attention in the blogosphere.

Well, the guys are back for their much anticipated third installment of The Mammoth Men. Watch the mayhem unfold as these 12 photographers board their Prevost and head into the American Southwest to document their Route 66 road-trip. Packed with more guys, more miles and more camaraderie, it's not just a roadtrip...it's a lifestyle.

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4 Comments Add A Comment
[November 6, 2008] joyful weddings & events said:
Looks like trouble to me...
[November 6, 2008] joyful weddings & events said:
Looks like trouble to me...
[November 11, 2008] joe r said:
Awesome edit....wanna job cutting for me!???
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You might remember Jen and Andrew... I shot their engagement images in New York and their wedding last year.



jaf0004.jpg They recently had a little girl, Sofia. While we were in Manhattan recently they asked if I'd shooting some family pictures of them. We went up to the Cloisters on the Upper West Side and shot for a little while. Here are a few images of their beautiful family!






jaf0012.jpg And a few of the happy couple. It was great seeing you guys!



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9 Comments Add A Comment
[October 24, 2008] Jeremy Gilliam said:
Beautiful family, and session. Your photos are always inspiring. I'm keeping an eye on your Twitter for more 2nd shooter opportunities. Which has nothing to do with my mission to become a Mammoth Man.
[October 24, 2008] Jen & Andrew said:
michael, so glad we were able to hang out!! thanks again for shooting us. the pictures came out BEAUTIFULLY -- no surprise there. =)
[October 25, 2008] jenberry said:
beautiful family. and as usual you are amazing. i agree with @jeremy truly inspiring. you are so perfect with composition and capturing the perfect light. and from your writings it seems like a nice person too! (pure speculation of course). anyways, i can't 2nd shoot yet, but i'd love to hold your reflector, camera bag or get you coffee.
[October 26, 2008] AmyC said:
These are great, Norwood! I love the one of the parents kissing & baby looking. Too cute!
[October 27, 2008] Cathy and David Photographers said:
DUUUUDE!!! THAT BABY IS SO CRAZY ADORABLE!!!! Ahhhhh!!!! I'm going to have a big smile on my face for the rest of the day. ^_^
[October 29, 2008] carrie@urbanbaby said:
these are such incredible family images...gorgeous work, as always ;).
[December 8, 2008] anna brewer said:
dang that baby is cute!
[June 17, 2010] Kimberly Witort said:
This family is so adorable! I love the pics!
[February 13, 2017] Michael said:
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