February 8, 2011 Miscellaneous , Published

I just heard from one of my brides from last summer that her wedding was published in Manhattan Bride Magazine. I love seeing my images in print... even if the images aren't the ones I would have chosen... or the way I'd crop them... or how I'd lay them out. Haha.

I also got an email from The Knot that their first coffee table book, The Look Book is out on stands with a bunch of my images in it! There are lots of images on the pages so I won't go through and point out mine but if you've been following my blog for a while they should look familiar.

[February 8, 2011] Kerrie Underhill said:
I spy Ashley and Cort's table names! Way cool! Congrats, Michael:)
[February 8, 2011] Michael Norwood said:
You're right Kerrie! :)
[February 8, 2011] amy said:
AMAZING!!! In related news... why am I not surprised? :)
[February 8, 2011] Kelsey said:
I see our centerpiece there! Ya Michael, great job! :)
[February 9, 2011] sonya at zenobia studios said:
We've been dealing with issues like that as well! So frustrating, yet trying to remain grateful for getting printed...what a pickle. Congratulations on the Knot feature! That's amazing!
[February 12, 2011] Brad Peters said:
Michael, it's nice to see you blogging again. I'm always inspired by your work. thanks.
[February 22, 2011] Dina said:
Wow, fabulously impressive pictures!
[April 19, 2011] barbara dieppa said:
Congrats! Well deserved !
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