April 12, 2009 Miscellaneous , Portraits
This week I took Makenzie out for a few minutes to shoot in the hills near our house. I love living here... there's nowhere better. Here are a few of my favorites.
makenzie_0420090075.jpg makenzie_0420090131.jpg makenzie_0420090212.jpg

[April 12, 2009] monique said:
Stinkin' adorable! A lovely place too!
[April 12, 2009] bobbi said:
Makenzie, you're beautiful! :) Awesome photos Michael!
[April 12, 2009] Kayleen T. said:
I love the one of her jumping! Is she your daughter? She is adorable!
[April 12, 2009] Taylor said:
Amazing shots, as always! Your shot of her jumping turned out freakin' awesome! Much better than mine did :)
[April 12, 2009] joyful weddings and events said:
She is so stinkin cute!
[April 12, 2009] Kayla said:
These are so adorable! Love the last one!
[April 12, 2009] Tina said:
Recently stumbled upon your blog. Just wanted to drop a note to say that your work is absolutely stunning and really inspirational to me and my photography.
[April 12, 2009] spaghettipie said:
Recently stumbled upon your blog. Your work is absolutely stunning and an inspiration to me in my own photography.
[April 12, 2009] brad peters said:
great, personal shots, Michael! Would love to know the camera settings on the backlit one of her jumping down to the road!
[April 12, 2009] Jeret Slack said:
That one of her jumping is kickin..
[April 13, 2009] Craig D said:
WOW!! She is beautiful Michael. Those hills are pretty amazing as well. Forget the beach. I love that road in the last two shots! She is gorgeous and only to be rivaled by the The Wee One :) LAter bro.
[April 13, 2009] Chad Banning said:
The shot of her jumping is so amazing! I can't believe how happy it makes me feel. Thanks so much for sharing Michael!!
[April 13, 2009] jodi said:
these are just plain gorgeous.
[April 13, 2009] Tiffany said:
Adorable! She is beautiful and so is your location!
[April 13, 2009] allan z. said:
Makenzieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...great stuff norwood! miss you guys in NYC!
[April 14, 2009] Holly said:
What a beautiful little girl!
[April 15, 2009] imthiaz houseman said:
she is so cute!!
[April 15, 2009] Navy Sou said:
Awwww...tooo cute!!!!
[April 16, 2009] Omar Tan said:
Wow, amazing. Love how you got the color and the girl looks like she is the happiest girl on earth :D My favs are the jump shot, the right one next to it and the above photo where she was looking towards the horizon or something.
[April 20, 2009] Dominoe Imus said:
Oh wow, she is a gorgeous little girl. Beautiful images!
[April 21, 2009] kim le said:
so cute! where is this location or is it top secret?! :)
[April 29, 2009] Tim Halberg said:
dude... that shot of her jumping into the road is EPIC!!! LOVE it!!!
[March 16, 2010] Ruben said:
I guess most of us like the "jumping" or better "flying" capture. I just love how she has her arms back, like wings! Too cute.