In the early wintery months of 2008, eight celebrated, award-winning and downright awesome photographers from all over the country grabbed their snowboards to ride the mountains of Mammoth, California. This marked the beginning of what is now known as...wait for it...The Mammoth Men. What ensued during that getaway was a week filled with adventure, spontaneity, hijinks and storied tales. A bond was forged amongst these men and a commitment made to doing it again, and doing it often!

During the Summer of 2008, The Mammoth Men hit the road again. Only this time, they loaded up 10 photographers in a Prevost rock star tour bus, drove for five days up the California Coast and shared it with everyone via their traffic happy blog. So much so that their blog readers actually got to choose their day-to-day adventures while watching them play out the next day. The blog following continued even after the West coast trip ended and garnered media attention in the blogosphere.

Well, the guys are back for their much anticipated third installment of The Mammoth Men. Watch the mayhem unfold as these 12 photographers board their Prevost and head into the American Southwest to document their Route 66 road-trip. Packed with more guys, more miles and more camaraderie, it's not just a's a lifestyle.

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[November 6, 2008] joyful weddings & events said:
Looks like trouble to me...
[November 6, 2008] joyful weddings & events said:
Looks like trouble to me...
[November 11, 2008] joe r said:
Awesome edit....wanna job cutting for me!???
[September 15, 2016] for said:
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You might remember Jen and Andrew... I shot their engagement images in New York and their wedding last year.



jaf0004.jpg They recently had a little girl, Sofia. While we were in Manhattan recently they asked if I'd shooting some family pictures of them. We went up to the Cloisters on the Upper West Side and shot for a little while. Here are a few images of their beautiful family!






jaf0012.jpg And a few of the happy couple. It was great seeing you guys!



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[October 24, 2008] Jeremy Gilliam said:
Beautiful family, and session. Your photos are always inspiring. I'm keeping an eye on your Twitter for more 2nd shooter opportunities. Which has nothing to do with my mission to become a Mammoth Man.
[October 24, 2008] Jen & Andrew said:
michael, so glad we were able to hang out!! thanks again for shooting us. the pictures came out BEAUTIFULLY -- no surprise there. =)
[October 25, 2008] jenberry said:
beautiful family. and as usual you are amazing. i agree with @jeremy truly inspiring. you are so perfect with composition and capturing the perfect light. and from your writings it seems like a nice person too! (pure speculation of course). anyways, i can't 2nd shoot yet, but i'd love to hold your reflector, camera bag or get you coffee.
[October 26, 2008] AmyC said:
These are great, Norwood! I love the one of the parents kissing & baby looking. Too cute!
[October 27, 2008] Cathy and David Photographers said:
DUUUUDE!!! THAT BABY IS SO CRAZY ADORABLE!!!! Ahhhhh!!!! I'm going to have a big smile on my face for the rest of the day. ^_^
[October 29, 2008] carrie@urbanbaby said:
these are such incredible family images...gorgeous work, as always ;).
[December 8, 2008] anna brewer said:
dang that baby is cute!
[June 17, 2010] Kimberly Witort said:
This family is so adorable! I love the pics!
[February 13, 2017] Michael said:
You have an incredibly nice layout for your blog, i want it to utilize on my site also .

Last week I shot Thanh and Nguyen. They know ahead of time that we're not going to have a lot of time on the day of the wedding so we scheduled a couple of hours to make sure we had some great stuff of them alone so we can be a little more relaxed when the day comes. We went to Laguna Beach and had a great time and were blessed with incredible light. Here are a few favorites!







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[July 12, 2008] jeret said:
Very nice my friend...
[July 13, 2008] Jory Cordy said:
good idea getting them done early. i freaking love the one shot by that kitchen!
[July 14, 2008] Amanda Auer said:
Cuuuuute, Michael! I love it!
[July 30, 2008] Jen said:
amazing photos on the jetties! wonderful location! WOW! amazing DOF you get in some of these photos...i'm not sure how you're doing it...but I'd love to know.
July 4, 2008 Portraits
A few weeks ago I went out to Ventura to shoot little 9 day old Will.

This was pretty much the way things went that afternoon... he's totally calm, "ok let's start shooting." Not so calm.will01.jpg
He eventually calmed down and went to sleep though and we got some really great images.

If you'd like to know more about portrait sessions please let me know. Just use the form on the contact page!
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[July 5, 2008] amyc said:
Nice, Michael. It's cool to see something totally different from you. I love these.
[July 7, 2008] Emily HeizeR said:
Ha ha, that's so classic "baby"... pretend to be good and then... WAHHHHH! :) He's a cutie though.
[July 7, 2008] wrecklessgirl said:
you are the bees knees. and i promise i only say that to super amazing peoples of the world.
[July 7, 2008] joyful weddings & events said:
So sweet! I love that bottom left one with the blue wall.
[July 30, 2008] Jen said:
"a-dorbs!" love the little feet! crying is cute too :)