Edmund is a man of many talents. He's a sponsored skater, a professional photographer, and a graphic designer among other things. He asked me if I'd shoot a lifestyle session of him and I jumped at the chance. I got the film back this afternoon and wanted to share some of it. I'll be posting some of the digital stuff later as well.

Here's Edmund!

As always I prepared these using the ridiculously fast blogging actions, BlogStomp. It literally saves me hours every time I blog... and at less than $50, its a steal.

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[July 29, 2009] Kelli said:
Great shots! Love the one of him holding out his board!
[July 30, 2009] Corinna Hoffman said:
Fun pix and great lighting!! AND thank you sooo much for sharing the love and letting us know about BlogStomp! That's an answer to my prayers tonight :)
[July 31, 2009] Curtis Copeland said:
Great photographs. Especially with the Rolli! Nice work. Thanks for sharing!
[August 12, 2009] connieMchung said:
i love! :)
[August 26, 2009] tim tabailloux said:
hey man, I'v been reading your blog for a while now and never got around to commenting. I really like your style, I find it to be similar to mine... clean, interactive and dynamic :D are you on twitter?
[March 30, 2010] Geoff Duncan said:
Dude, your work is so freakin consistent! Even your film stuff is amazing!
[March 30, 2010] Geoff Duncan said:
Dude, your work is so freakin consistent! Even your film stuff is amazing!

...well, a month after, but who's keeping track?

I was working on these images today and wanted to post a few. I just love this location. It was so fun to have a bride and groom to shoot here. And its right by my house which makes it even better!

I love this couple. Check out their awesome wedding a few posts down!

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A few weeks ago a couple of friends came out to visit, Craig and Chip from Studio563 in Houston. One of the nights they were here we went out to Laguna Beach to shoot for fun. I totally forgot about these images and recently sent a bunch of film to get processed and got these back. I never get over how amazing film looks. The color and skin tones just blow my mind, and the depth of field you get shooting medium format is just incredible.

Craig and Chip also have a new product about to be release called BlogStomp. Its a super easy way to get your images branded and blog ready. It's saved me hours and hours. It's amazing. Go follow them on twitter and be the first to find out when it's released.

Here are my boys Craig and Chip!

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A couple of weeks ago my friend Matt was in town and he asked if I'd take a few pictures of him for his website. I of course said yes. Well, Jeff and Jessica came along too and so I ended up shooting each of them for a bit.

Here's Matt:





favpeople06.jpg This one didn't make it on the blog because I think it's a great image, its on the blog because I think it's really funny. We were in these amazing fields with really cool, tall grass and I thought it would be cool for Matt to sit down. Turns out it doesn't look too masculine. Hey, all the ideas can't be winners.

favpeople07.jpg Now for Jessica

favpeople08.jpg She definitely knows how to work it for the camera. :) favpeople09.jpg




favpeople13.jpg Then Jeff jumped in and decided he wanted a piece of the action too.



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[May 8, 2009] Kate said:
Cuirous where this is in CA, it looks a lot like the sandhills of Nebraska! -Kate C
[May 8, 2009] ERIC COTTER said:
http://www.mnpblog.com/three_of_my_favorite_people/favpeople13.jpg GREAT SHOT. one of the best ive seen of her
[May 8, 2009] jessica claire said:
i LOVE you for making me and jeff (and matt) look so good. I can't wait for the real engagement!!! Hope you and Cyndie had a great trip to NYC and I look forward to not eating with you when we get back :) xoxoxo
[May 8, 2009] Holly said:
That Matt guy is HOT!! :) Great pictures Michael!
[May 8, 2009] jeret slack said:
CRAP!!! These are awesome love the colors and the processing... I am guessing film...:) Great job bro!
[May 9, 2009] Alicia Swedenborg said:
Oh, Jessica looks stunning! My favorite pic is the last one, so much looove! :) Awesome job, Michael. First time visiting your blog and I love your style - I'll be back!
[May 9, 2009] Emilie said:
WOW!! Great photos! Is your friend Matt single? LOL he's cute! ;) I love the photos of Jeff and Jessica. I'm a huge fan of Jessica's work and I discovered your work thanks to her blog. I've added your blog to my Google Reader and enjoy looking at your pics. Thanks! Emilie
[June 26, 2009] Karen (Mikols) Bonar said:
The 5th image of Jessica is simply STUNNING!!!!!
[July 30, 2009] tiasmith123 said:
Nice blog. Tia smith wow gold
[October 26, 2016] Paul said:
Greetings! Very useful advice within this article! It is the little changes that make the most important changes. Many thanks for sharing!
April 12, 2009 Miscellaneous , Portraits
This week I took Makenzie out for a few minutes to shoot in the hills near our house. I love living here... there's nowhere better. Here are a few of my favorites.
makenzie_0420090075.jpg makenzie_0420090131.jpg makenzie_0420090212.jpg

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[April 12, 2009] monique said:
Stinkin' adorable! A lovely place too!
[April 12, 2009] bobbi said:
Makenzie, you're beautiful! :) Awesome photos Michael!
[April 12, 2009] Kayleen T. said:
I love the one of her jumping! Is she your daughter? She is adorable!
[April 12, 2009] Taylor said:
Amazing shots, as always! Your shot of her jumping turned out freakin' awesome! Much better than mine did :)
[April 12, 2009] joyful weddings and events said:
She is so stinkin cute!
[April 12, 2009] Kayla said:
These are so adorable! Love the last one!
[April 12, 2009] Tina said:
Recently stumbled upon your blog. Just wanted to drop a note to say that your work is absolutely stunning and really inspirational to me and my photography.
[April 12, 2009] spaghettipie said:
Recently stumbled upon your blog. Your work is absolutely stunning and an inspiration to me in my own photography.
[April 12, 2009] brad peters said:
great, personal shots, Michael! Would love to know the camera settings on the backlit one of her jumping down to the road!
[April 12, 2009] Jeret Slack said:
That one of her jumping is kickin..
[April 13, 2009] Craig D said:
WOW!! She is beautiful Michael. Those hills are pretty amazing as well. Forget the beach. I love that road in the last two shots! She is gorgeous and only to be rivaled by the The Wee One :) LAter bro.
[April 13, 2009] Chad Banning said:
The shot of her jumping is so amazing! I can't believe how happy it makes me feel. Thanks so much for sharing Michael!!
[April 13, 2009] jodi said:
these are just plain gorgeous.
[April 13, 2009] Tiffany said:
Adorable! She is beautiful and so is your location!
[April 13, 2009] allan z. said:
Makenzieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...great stuff norwood! miss you guys in NYC!
[April 14, 2009] Holly said:
What a beautiful little girl!
[April 15, 2009] imthiaz houseman said:
she is so cute!!
[April 15, 2009] Navy Sou said:
Awwww...tooo cute!!!!
[April 16, 2009] Omar Tan said:
Wow, amazing. Love how you got the color and the girl looks like she is the happiest girl on earth :D My favs are the jump shot, the right one next to it and the above photo where she was looking towards the horizon or something.
[April 20, 2009] Dominoe Imus said:
Oh wow, she is a gorgeous little girl. Beautiful images!
[April 21, 2009] kim le said:
so cute! where is this location or is it top secret?! :)
[April 29, 2009] Tim Halberg said:
dude... that shot of her jumping into the road is EPIC!!! LOVE it!!!
[March 16, 2010] Ruben said:
I guess most of us like the "jumping" or better "flying" capture. I just love how she has her arms back, like wings! Too cute.
I shot Lori and Jackson's engagement photos a few weeks ago down in Chinatown and Olivera Street. We had a blast hanging out and then they introduced me to some legitimate Chinese food. Lori's a super talented graphic designer for Element skateboards so I'm really excited to see what she comes up with for their wedding at Strawberry Farms in a couple of months. Can't wait!

lj01.jpg lj02.jpg lj03.jpg lj04.jpg lj05.jpg lj06.jpg lj07.jpg lj08.jpg lj09.jpg
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[April 11, 2009] Amber Hughes said:
Super cute session! Love the location... only now I want nachos and churros :D
[April 11, 2009] kristel wyman said:
that light is fantastic, and all the photos are adorable!!
[April 11, 2009] brad said:
great shots! I love how you use the environment around the couple. thanks for posting again!
[April 13, 2009] imthiaz houseman said:
I love the last two...what a cute couple!
[April 23, 2009] Jenny McCann said:
Hi Michael! I just L-O-V-E that shot with the blouses. It's awesome!
[October 26, 2016] Paul said:
Because here is a list of multiplayer games is

On Saturday about 238 lies were told... and that was just the tip of the iceberg. It took about 30 people to pull off the elaborate rouse that kept the incredibly nosy Jessica Claire from finding out that my brother, Jeff was going to propose. Whether it was clandestine trips across country to ask her father's permission under the guise of "work trips", fake bachelor's parties in Vegas, or Hudson Lyon's birthday party being "canceled" at the last minute... it took a lot of work.

At about 6:15 that evening it all paid off though with Jessica being completely and utterly surprised. Cyndie and I were in charge of getting here there.  We said we were having dinner with some friends down on Balboa.

If the images have my name and logo on them I took them, if they don't my good friend Victor Sizemore took them.

Here's Jessica as we turned the corner saying, "Jeff took me here once."



Here's where Jess noticed Jeff standing by the ferris wheel. You can see the confusion in her face because she'd just talked to Jeff on the phone and he told here him and his friends were "off to play some blackjack." Haha!






jeffandjess09.jpg After it was official I jumped on the ferris wheel to take a few fun images of them.









We ended the night with dinner at the pier with about 30 of our closest friends and family. It was an amazing night.

Congratulations guys! I love you both so much and I'm so happy for you!

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[April 7, 2009] Amy Boring said:
I love it they are so very cute together. Great images. Congratulations Jeff and Jessica!
[April 7, 2009] Anna Jaarske said:
Such a beautiful story and amazingly beautiful photos! Awwww! :)
[April 7, 2009] Kayleen T. said:
How Sweet!
[April 7, 2009] Amancay said:
very well done... great shots, and kudos for helping pull it all off!
[April 7, 2009] Sara Gwathmey said:
Congratulations to them both! How exciting! Love, Sara (your cousin in San Antonio)
[April 7, 2009] Michelle Sidles said:
That's so fantastic to have play by play photos of the proposal! I'm sure she'll be SO HAPPY so many lies were told! ;) Nice!
[April 7, 2009] Mary said:
Congrats to Jessica and Jeff!!! What a cute and fun way to get engaged!! And lucky them for having you there to capture it! The ring looks beautiful!
[April 7, 2009] Fred Egan said:
This just makes me smile-haha! And I don't even get mushy over this kind of stuff [I'm emotionally confused right now]
[April 8, 2009] Tiffany Aicklen said:
Ahhhh, how fun! Love the photos, so exciting!
[April 9, 2009] imthiaz houseman said:
Oh wow! what a great series...congrats to Jeff & Jessica!
[April 10, 2009] Heather Kincaid said:
THAT is such an amazing story... how awesome to be able to document that-- and to have that documented!
[April 11, 2009] JENNIFER SKOG said:
NICE! Awesome shots and I'm so excited for you and your family!
[April 25, 2009] Kyle Burnell said:
Awesome! I love ferris wheels. The pictures came out really well and I'm sure it took a lot of effort to keep it hidden from her. Good job :)
[April 27, 2009] Mandi said:
I read her story. It was so sweet. They make the cutest couple. Great images that they will cherish always.
[January 25, 2017] Thomas said:
Beneficial Location Hi gentleman the following transpire a number of web page link with the aim of represses information that will a person may possibly acquire positive yourselves. The Significance Verifying away from home.

Last week Mark Brooke and I went to Atlanta to shoot a wedding with our good friend Jessica Claire. The bride was Ami, of the wedding superblog, Elizabeth Anne Designs. They had the rehearsal dinner at Turner field and being a lifelong Braves fan I couldn't have been happier. We took a couple of hours before the dinner and shot some portraits of the couple around the stadium. It was a blast.

One of the things that made it even more fun for me was shooting film all week. I didn't take out my digital camera once. These images are straight from the camera, nothing was done in photoshop other than resizing them for the web. In reality I would probably do some dodging and burning but there is something about film that makes all of the things I would do to it if it were digital not matter. The lab I got them processed at did some auto corrections on the scans which I'm not super happy with but for the most part I love the way they look and I'll definitely be shooting more film at my own weddings. For those that care, the color film I shot that day was Fuji Pro400H and the black and white was Kodak TMAX3200.

My partners in crime for the week.






















atlrehearsal23.jpg It was pretty cool getting to see the World Series trophy. I remember that game like it was yesterday.


This is the bride's dad. I can't tell you how excited he was being there.

atlrehearsal26.jpg This was his view...



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[January 7, 2009] Brian Khang said:
Yay for film!! Something for sure I want to add to my weddings. You did a kick butt job as always!!
[January 7, 2009] Ami @ Elizabeth Anne Designs said:
Michael these are AMAZING! That picture of my dad is just the best. And wow skin looks great on film. :)
[January 7, 2009] Mikael said:
LOVE the B/W images. Of course they are all great, but those b/w make me miss the days. Glad you are pulling it out again.
[January 7, 2009] jenberry said:
so excited to see a post from you. I am so impressed with the use of film. i love it. i wish i could do it. the grain is extraordinary. as usual, i love all your shots.
[January 7, 2009] Mike Hall said:
Michael it was a pleasure meeting you, along with Jessica, Mark, Katie and Matt, while you were here in Atlanta. Liana and I enjoyed hanging out over dinner. We're just glad we weren't around when you were convincing people to get their noses pierced! Awesome work here and in your other posts. Take care...
[January 7, 2009] [ b ] said:
film sucks! ;-) great shots, but i think they'd look better if they were captured digitally. i know it's almost the cool thing to shoot film again... so old school... so vinyl. but i love the look of digital and i sure don't miss having dust spots on my images like you do in a few of them! and wait, what year did the braves actually win the world series? i know they made the playoffs like 13 years in a row, but i don't recall them actually winning the WS?
[January 8, 2009] janine kaye said:
these are sensational..you have captured their connection and the amazing space of the stadium so well. I am sure they will love these. My absolute fav is the one of the dad..he was glowing! Love it!!
[January 8, 2009] Jenna said:
I'm always blown away when I see what can be done with film, especially this time when I'm able to see the digital images that were shot side by side. I love the graininess of the black and white, and the 4th one down of the two of them laughing. I'm excited to see what else you captured from the event.
[January 8, 2009] feisty tourist said:
gorgeous!!! i'm so happy to "finally" get to see what you were doing that day. ;)
[January 8, 2009] Edmund Prieto said:
Wow Michael I had know idea how amazing film could look, good job.
[January 8, 2009] anna brewer said:
omg! pretty sure that's the coolest thing ever! taking pictures on the field of the braves! (not particularly a braves fan...but SO cool!!) the pictures are awesome!!
[January 8, 2009] anna said:
these pictures are awesome!! i don't think it gets much cooler than taking pics on a real baseball field. LOVE it!!
[January 8, 2009] Cynthia Q said:
Love the connection you captured between this couple-very sweet, serene, and romantic. You can see how comfortable they are with each other and that they are very close. Beautiful pics. Thanks for sharing some technical info. Love that you took these in film!
[January 8, 2009] Amelia Thornton said:
Michael - WOW...you get an A+ for pulling out the film - that is awesome. Your shots are so beautiful. I already checked out JC and MB's pics. Honestly, I don't know how this couple is going to choose which photos to put in their album. Great job!!
[January 9, 2009] Caroline said:
Wow, I haven't shot a single thing on film since my trip to Costa Rica. I'm just now realizing that was in 2004. It's sometimes worth the hassle!
[January 10, 2009] Hanssie said:
Film! Wow...it looks and sounds like fun! What a fun shoot!
[April 14, 2009] Onsite Minnesota Photography said:
I love the grainy black and white of the field. Great Picture!
A few days ago I met Hsin and Ping in Pasadena to shoot their engagement images. We almost got rained out but it held off just long enough for us to get done. I'm shooting their wedding this weekend down in La Jolla and can't wait. They hired Kerrie Underhill of Platinum Weddings to coordinate and she always does an incredible job.

Here are a few from the day.

hp01.jpg hp02.jpg hp03.jpg hp05.jpg hp06.jpg hp07.jpg hp08.jpg hp09.jpg

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[December 4, 2008] Matt Dorroh said:
Great shoot, love the images!
[December 4, 2008] Cathy and David Photographers said:
Love the last one there Mike. These are so so cool and so you. :)
[December 4, 2008] jenberry said:
yeah. you posted again. how excited am i!!!! these are awesome. love the 3rd to last. great colors.
[December 5, 2008] Meg said:
Beautiful- love the feel of these..... the light really reads FALL which is kind of rare for us socal kids ;) Awesome!
[December 5, 2008] chipgillespie said:
Very nice ... How much? : )
[December 6, 2008] Pascal said:
I love the photos in front of the brick wall, it really creates a lovely mood.
[December 7, 2008] Lisa Llarena said:
Hi, Michael! Came across your blog earlier today and fell in love with your work. I particularly like the treatment you give your images, everything's so clean and crisp.
[December 7, 2008] clint said:
great choice on the backdrops.. great stuff!
[December 22, 2008] anna brewer said:
these are beautiful pictures, and they are a beautiful couple!! happy holidays michael norwood!
[January 16, 2009] Sarah Smith Photography said:
*sigh* i adore your images :)
[June 19, 2014] ABM Photography said:
Michael Norwood Photograhy is really amazing, the image is well shooted and it is very clear.100% super like it.I can say to you that you are an Expert :)
November 17, 2008 Man Trip , Portraits , Travel

The adventure has begun... follow along at MAMMOTHMEN.COM

For the blow by blow follow me on twitter! Click here.mammothmen.jpg

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[November 18, 2008] .escamilla. said:
this is fantastic! so...when does mammoth women begin???
[November 19, 2008] bobbi+ said:
[November 21, 2008] CReid said:
I loved the last sand/beach shots!!!
[November 21, 2008] Helen (Dogeared) said:
Can I assume by the "legendary" and "suited up" comments that at least one of the Mammoth Men is a fan of Barney from "How I Met Your Mother"? If so, I think I just got even more admiration for the group. "This is going to be legen- wait for it, and I hope you're not lactose intolerant, because the next part is - DAIRY!" Hee!
[September 23, 2016] Donald said:
Wow, marvelous blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you made blogging look easy. The overall look of your website is great, as well as the content!