Last week I announced a contest. I grossly underestimated how much I would hate judging. You think it would be easy… it’s not. It’s a very difficult thing to place one person’s work next to another person’s work and say, “this one’s better”. I got a lot of great entries and saw some great moments. In the end I was so frozen with indecision that I had to enlist the help of my friends. We chose these five because of the strength of the whole collection. Some people had individual images that were stronger but we felt these as a whole conveyed the emotion of the day the best.

That said, THANK YOU so much for participating. Like I said before, I’m far from a pure photojournalist but I still take my job of documenting the couple’s day very seriously. And, in this day of styled shoots and wedding blogs showing almost exclusively details and portraits it seems like photographers have begun shooting for publication more than the couple.

If you weren’t picked please don’t hate me. :)  I thought there were SO MANY deserving photographers, but we had to narrow it down to 5.  If you click on the photographer’s name it will take you to their post of all of the moments from the wedding. Here are the finalists:

Katie Lewis


Kat Forsyth


Kenny Grill JonKristina_071.jpg

Shang Chen


Ashley Turner


[February 17, 2011] Shang said:
There is so much amazing talent across the board! I wouldn't have wanted to be in your shoes either to have had to narrow it down to just 5! Thanks so much for looking at all our work!
[February 17, 2011] Deborah Zoe said:
Thanks so much for the opportunity to participate!! Gonna have to say go Shang! Represent Boston:)
[February 17, 2011] Kat Forsyth said:
Oh my word, thank you so much for nominating me! It's an honour just to be nominated :-)
[February 17, 2011] SvetlanaHillKovich said:
Wow! All the five entries picked are simply amazing! Thank you for such an amazing opportunity! ;)
[February 18, 2011] Kat Forsyth said:
Aargh, my friends are driving me crazy. Every last one of them seems to think they're voting only for the specific photo you see (in my case the dove one) and not for the full blog post. I wish people would read the damn instructions!
[February 19, 2011] Tim Allen said:
Love love love Kat Forsyth's photo.
[March 1, 2011] Katie Lewis said:
Wow! So excited to be a part of this! Thanks so much!