June 30, 2010 Photographers , Portraits

Well its been WAY too long but I'm back. Lot's of travel, lots of weddings, lot's of shoots, a cross country move... all this has added up to blogging being put on the back burner. Well that's over. This will be the first post of many. So keep coming back... and tell your friends that the rumor that I disappeared isn't true. :)

This shoot is from last year and I ad always meant to blog it but for some reason or another I never did. This is my friend Edmund Prieto. He's one of the nicest and most talented guys I've ever met. He's good at literally everything he does. One of the things he does is skateboard. At one time in his life he was a sponsored, touring skater. He asked me to shoot him last year so he could finally have some good images of him doing what he loves.

Here's Edmund.

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[June 30, 2010] [ b ] said:
OMG... that's the guy from "The Professionals"! I'm sorry Michael, was your last blog post in February? We need to have a chat.
[June 30, 2010] Lara said:
Such a fun shoot, Michael! Great to meet Edmund at WPPI this year. Gorgeous smile!
[June 30, 2010] Kenny Grill said:
CONGRATULATIONS! On remembering how to blog that is. ;)
[June 30, 2010] amy russell said:
Ummmm.... INSANE. This stuff is fantastic (as always), but I have to say that I like this grittier edge on you.
[June 30, 2010] Dominik said:
Hello Michael, nice to have you back :) so wonderful shots of Edmund - he is definately one of my favorite photographers :) Wish you all the best from germany dominik
[June 30, 2010] Morgan Taylor said:
Heck yeah! I Have to agree, I have know this guy for a long time! He is flipping Good at everything! Rad shoot too!
[June 30, 2010] s h e r r y said:
:) LOVE the panning shot- it's SWEEET. Haha. I recognize him from Geoff Duncan's blog, as well as "The Professionals." Is there ANYTHING that he can't do?
[July 2, 2010] Valerie said:
I just discovered your blog in the past month or so, while you were on this "hiatus." Glad you are back and I get to see more of your stuff! LOVE this skateboard guy!
[July 3, 2010] Edmund Prieto said:
Heck yeah man I love them! Im so proud of you for posting. I guess sitting down and talking to you really helped. haha
[July 3, 2010] Jacob Mariano said:
OH! So these were the photos Edmund told me about months ago. Good to see they really exist. lol. Nice shots.
[July 3, 2010] brad said:
Yea! you're back. Roaring! Nice shots.
[July 6, 2010] Lissette Q said:
Glad you are back. These are fabulous shots.
[July 7, 2010] jenberry said:
wow. everyone is lecturing you for not posting. i guess i have to say BAD BOY too. Not really, i never post. BUT regardless. these are killer. Full of personality
[July 28, 2010] Nellie Guerrero said:
He has a story behind his eyes. He seems like a gentle soul.
[July 29, 2010] Bri Grill said:
I've yet to meet Edmund but, from what I know, he has the greatest heart!

I can't believe they're getting married in a few weeks! I'm so excited for them and can't wait for the wedding. I love you guys!

Here are just a few of my favorites.

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[September 11, 2009] Jessica Hill said:
Amazing! You are both so darn loverly! I love the light and the mood! Jessica- Where did you find that hot plaid shirt?
[September 11, 2009] melissa oholendt said:
MAN. Jess is a hottie. I love the way you posed them - awesome job!
[September 11, 2009] Matt Paddack said:
Very nice my friend... very nice.
[September 11, 2009] andrea caballer said:
Beautiful! Great capture of a lovely couple.
[September 11, 2009] anne nunn photographers said:
those are beautiful! You guys are so adorable!
[September 11, 2009] Dean Roberts said:
Wow! Those are great photos! Best of luck to the happy couple!
[September 11, 2009] Michelle sidles said:
I love the second shot so much! They all are beautiful!
[September 11, 2009] emilie inc. said:
Beautiful! Perfect light, perfect chemistry. Congrats, all!!
[September 11, 2009] amelia Lyon said:
So sweet, nice job Michael, and Jessica, you look HOT! Jeff looks good too! :) Can't wait until the wedding!
[September 11, 2009] Alex Nelson said:
[September 11, 2009] Nicole Benitez said:
[September 11, 2009] megan welker said:
love these! I seriously didn't want this post to end! They are such a darling couple and you captured their love perfectly Michael! Way to go! and jessica, I must say, those boots are awesome!!
[September 11, 2009] jamie delaine said:
Wow. How stunning is Jessica? These are AMAZING, Michael. They make a gorgeous couple!
[September 11, 2009] Deyla Huss said:
They look beautiful! seriously perfect shots, all of them MIchael!
[September 11, 2009] ben & laura said:
killed it my friend ... you killed it on this one.
[September 11, 2009] Nouna Andersson said:
Love the light! Gorgeous light and beautiful couple. :-) Love the last shot.
[September 11, 2009] evie said:
Ridiculously gorgeous! Every single one of these is FABULOUS!!!
[September 11, 2009] Abigail Smith said:
Simply stunning photography and awesome couple! Love Jessica's entire "look", gotta LOVE redheads. :) So inspiring.
[September 11, 2009] Apple said:
love it! jessica looks amazing! they look so great together!:)
[September 11, 2009] Jen Ulasiewicz said:
OMGosh these photos are all so amazing and breathtaking! You two make a lovely couple. Very beautiful photos!!!!! :)
[September 11, 2009] Victoria said:
I LOVE all of them! I especially like the 13th one! Beautiful! :)
[September 11, 2009] Kayla said:
Totally awesome! So very much them! Love these!
[September 11, 2009] Cameron Ingalls said:
Beautiful.... So happy to see your brother and Jessica so in love and getting hitched! Much love and joy to both of them. Great work Michalel! :)
[September 11, 2009] jaclyn kaiser said:
great job michael :) jess, you look amazing!!! you guys look so happy and i couldn't be happier for you!
[September 11, 2009] Jasmine* said:
Sooooo gorgeous!!! OMG! My friends are so hot!!! :)
[September 11, 2009] Mapuana said:
Love these pictures. Jessica looks great. Can't wait to see more.
[September 12, 2009] Molly said:
gorgeous! Michael these are amazing and i love when you can feel the beauty through the emotions of the couple. You must be so excited for your brother and Jessica! you worked the camera & they both look fantastic!
[September 12, 2009] shaun austin said:
Nice work Michael. Jessica and Jeff you look great. Congrats!!!
[September 12, 2009] Emilie said:
OH WOW!! I can feel the love between them!!! Beautiful photos, Michael!!!
[September 12, 2009] Petra Hall said:
Could they be any cuter? Awesome images Michael and all my best wishes to Jessica and Jeff. I guess we can call then JJ, or J&J. :)
[September 12, 2009] Garrett and Joy Nudd said:
These are stunning! Congratulations, guys!!! We're so excited for you.
[September 12, 2009] dalia said:
these pictures are stunning!! You do phenomenal work!!
[September 12, 2009] Jane Hasty said:
Awesome! You look both look fab!
[September 12, 2009] ajira said:
WOW!! Congratulations again to you two! What beautiful images... and how wonderful that you were able to do this for your brother... the love just abounds!
[September 12, 2009] Cait said:
These are incredible! Absolutely lovely, Michael. So excited for them!!! Thanks for sharing!
[September 12, 2009] Amy Russell said:
Really beautiful stuff, as always, Michael. The light is perfection.
[September 12, 2009] Mali Workman said:
Michael, these images are so beautiful! I love every one of them!
[September 12, 2009] Cathy Empey said:
Those are just lovely! You both look so happy~
[September 12, 2009] Abra Michelle said:
These are absolutely wonderful. So beautiful. You may want to tell your brother to look like he is actually enjoying himself in pictures before the wedding. ;)
[September 12, 2009] Dawn Davis said:
Sweet... so excited for Jessica and Jeff. Love their e-session! Great work!!!
[September 12, 2009] Amelia Thornton said:
WOW Michael - great job! Jeff & Jessica...sooooo fantastic - I second what just about everyone else has said...you can really feel the love in these photos. Congrats on the upcoming big day :)
[September 12, 2009] Lawrence @tofurious said:
Love Jessica's simple braids in her hair! Phenomenal job Michael! Was it weird to shoot your brother? Just curious :D
[September 12, 2009] Lydia said:
Love Jessica's blouse and hair! They're so cute together!!
[September 13, 2009] tara whitney said:
Oh my gosh these are stunning! Michael they are soooooo good. Jessica you look SO PRETTY in every single one. Glowing. The light and your clothes and your hair-perfection. Sigh. Congrats!
[September 13, 2009] oksanaj said:
So beautiful!! Totally feel the love they have for each other in these! Great job!
[September 13, 2009] Graciela Lindner said:
That responsibility to take photos of Jessica Claire! Beautiful pictures! Congratulations!
[September 14, 2009] Kelly said:
Beautiful images! I love your work!!!
[September 15, 2009] Tina said:
These photos are beautiful. I actually got teary a couple of times. I've been following Jessica's blog for a couple of years now, and so I feel like a friend is getting married. I'm so excited for these two total strangers!
[September 15, 2009] Megan Zeller Photography said:
I love all of these poses!! Jess's eyes look fierce. Grrr...
[September 15, 2009] Megan Zeller Photography said:
I love all of these poses!! Jess's eyes look fierce. Grrr...
[September 16, 2009] hugh said:
Hey Michael, great shots.. Can you tell us what actions effects you use on these? Smoothing of the face etc... Thanks heaps.. Hugo
[September 16, 2009] Liana said:
Love those pics of Jess...but I think i love her boots even more. ;)
[September 16, 2009] Karl Bratby said:
Awesome work, cant be easy shooting Jessica, but this shoot rocks.....
[September 22, 2009] paul retherford said:
Fantastic posing! Love the contrast with their clothes and the grasses too. Awesome!
[September 27, 2009] Chelsey said:
Love these pictures! I'll be at the wedding next week doing hair and makeup with Nicole Deanne. Can't wait to see the beautiful wedding!
[October 30, 2009] Manon said:
love how you got so many different pictures out of this simple location.
[November 16, 2014] Kevyn - Birmingham Wedding Photographer said:
Lovely field shots! Loving the mood, especially on the first couple sets.

Edmund is a man of many talents. He's a sponsored skater, a professional photographer, and a graphic designer among other things. He asked me if I'd shoot a lifestyle session of him and I jumped at the chance. I got the film back this afternoon and wanted to share some of it. I'll be posting some of the digital stuff later as well.

Here's Edmund!

As always I prepared these using the ridiculously fast blogging actions, BlogStomp. It literally saves me hours every time I blog... and at less than $50, its a steal.

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[July 29, 2009] Kelli said:
Great shots! Love the one of him holding out his board!
[July 30, 2009] Corinna Hoffman said:
Fun pix and great lighting!! AND thank you sooo much for sharing the love and letting us know about BlogStomp! That's an answer to my prayers tonight :)
[July 31, 2009] Curtis Copeland said:
Great photographs. Especially with the Rolli! Nice work. Thanks for sharing!
[August 12, 2009] connieMchung said:
i love! :)
[August 26, 2009] tim tabailloux said:
hey man, I'v been reading your blog for a while now and never got around to commenting. I really like your style, I find it to be similar to mine... clean, interactive and dynamic :D are you on twitter?
[March 30, 2010] Geoff Duncan said:
Dude, your work is so freakin consistent! Even your film stuff is amazing!
[March 30, 2010] Geoff Duncan said:
Dude, your work is so freakin consistent! Even your film stuff is amazing!

A few weeks ago a couple of friends came out to visit, Craig and Chip from Studio563 in Houston. One of the nights they were here we went out to Laguna Beach to shoot for fun. I totally forgot about these images and recently sent a bunch of film to get processed and got these back. I never get over how amazing film looks. The color and skin tones just blow my mind, and the depth of field you get shooting medium format is just incredible.

Craig and Chip also have a new product about to be release called BlogStomp. Its a super easy way to get your images branded and blog ready. It's saved me hours and hours. It's amazing. Go follow them on twitter and be the first to find out when it's released.

Here are my boys Craig and Chip!

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A couple of weeks ago my friend Matt was in town and he asked if I'd take a few pictures of him for his website. I of course said yes. Well, Jeff and Jessica came along too and so I ended up shooting each of them for a bit.

Here's Matt:





favpeople06.jpg This one didn't make it on the blog because I think it's a great image, its on the blog because I think it's really funny. We were in these amazing fields with really cool, tall grass and I thought it would be cool for Matt to sit down. Turns out it doesn't look too masculine. Hey, all the ideas can't be winners.

favpeople07.jpg Now for Jessica

favpeople08.jpg She definitely knows how to work it for the camera. :) favpeople09.jpg




favpeople13.jpg Then Jeff jumped in and decided he wanted a piece of the action too.



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[May 8, 2009] Kate said:
Cuirous where this is in CA, it looks a lot like the sandhills of Nebraska! -Kate C
[May 8, 2009] ERIC COTTER said:
http://www.mnpblog.com/three_of_my_favorite_people/favpeople13.jpg GREAT SHOT. one of the best ive seen of her
[May 8, 2009] jessica claire said:
i LOVE you for making me and jeff (and matt) look so good. I can't wait for the real engagement!!! Hope you and Cyndie had a great trip to NYC and I look forward to not eating with you when we get back :) xoxoxo
[May 8, 2009] Holly said:
That Matt guy is HOT!! :) Great pictures Michael!
[May 8, 2009] jeret slack said:
CRAP!!! These are awesome love the colors and the processing... I am guessing film...:) Great job bro!
[May 9, 2009] Alicia Swedenborg said:
Oh, Jessica looks stunning! My favorite pic is the last one, so much looove! :) Awesome job, Michael. First time visiting your blog and I love your style - I'll be back!
[May 9, 2009] Emilie said:
WOW!! Great photos! Is your friend Matt single? LOL he's cute! ;) I love the photos of Jeff and Jessica. I'm a huge fan of Jessica's work and I discovered your work thanks to her blog. I've added your blog to my Google Reader and enjoy looking at your pics. Thanks! Emilie
[June 26, 2009] Karen (Mikols) Bonar said:
The 5th image of Jessica is simply STUNNING!!!!!
[July 30, 2009] tiasmith123 said:
Nice blog. Tia smith wow gold
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