I live in Ladera Ranch, a small, idyllic oasis of a community nestled among the sprawling cities of Southern California. We happen to have a lot of photographers that live here... really good ones too. From Jessica Claire, to Mark and Candice Brooke, to the TOTALLY RAD Doug and Chenin Boutwell to Victor Sizemore and Morgan Taylor (who's new site is almost live and is pretty much the greatest thing I've ever seen... I'll post the link when its done), we've got a great little group going. We get together for lunch or dinner a few times a week, hang out at each other's houses, lend each other gear when one of our lenses, bodies or flashes inevitably goes bad (thanks Canon)... we're friends.

Recently, following the lead of Victor, we started playing cards at night... rook, spades, 10 on down... any number of games. You probably know that most of us are in some way or another mildly (or completely) addicted to poker. You probably also noticed that these games I just mentioned are not played for money.

Well last night after Mark's birthday party we went back to their place to play. After a while playing cards with nothing on the line does get a little dull so Jessica and I decided to mix it up. I gave her 5 to 1 odds that I could win a certain number of hands in our game. She, being the incorrigible gambler that she is, couldn't resist and so we bet 10 bucks on that hand.

I of course won and made Jessica sign the bill she paid with. Just in case you were wondering... I AM a better player than Jessica Claire.jcmoney.jpg

Sidenote: After I scanned the bill I pulled it into Photoshop to crop and resize it and it told me that "Printing bank notes from this program is prohibited" Haha. What the heck? How did it know? Am i being watched?! If I am, let the record show that it was Jessica who defaced Federal property, not me.

[November 13, 2008] marco said:
Alexander Hamilton... PWNAGE
[November 13, 2008] jamie delaine said:
That's too hilarious that PS knew it was a bill! Haha!!
[November 13, 2008] jason groupp said:
LOL - I would have given ten bucks to watch Jess sign that. :) Good times. You need to move here so I can kick your butt!
[November 13, 2008] jessica claire said:
Hey, if i'd won, i'd have made $50! Not a bad return on my money, if, of course, i had won. And he were only a better player that ONE HAND, mnp readers! (sidenote: michael is actually a great card player, it's definitely better to be on his team than against him).
[November 13, 2008] stikman said:
I can't believe with all the brains between you lot, you didn't know it was a federal crime to deface govt. property. I think even that nitwit Palin knows that. ;-)
[November 13, 2008] Lara @ Southern Weddings said:
That is crazy about Photoshop... hilarious! Great post.
[November 13, 2008] Melanie Watson said:
I am entirely jealous of your card playing group. The only people who will play rook with me are my husband's grandparents. So jealous. Too funny that Photoshop was on to your money printing scheme. I guess you'll just have to keep winning the real ones from Jessica. ;)
[November 13, 2008] Mark Brooke said:
Heck yes!!!! i am so glad that i live here in ladera!!!! You DID give here 5 to 1 odds..... who WOULDN'T take that? I don't know though, you know your "10 on down" well..... tough call.
[November 14, 2008] gabriel.ryan. said:
carlie & i enjoyed hanging with the LR socialites the other night. jessica claire officially makes the best brownies ever! the funny thing is, even though you are a better player than jessica, i think it was a different player who actually won that round... it may have even been a rookie player... [ahem... me] ;)
[November 21, 2008] CReid said:
That's too funny...we got to make some time to play some cards on the cruise!!! Peace, Carl
[December 8, 2008] anna brewer said:
this is probably one of the funniest things ever! i wanna play poker with you and jessica sometime.