I think burnout is one of the biggest creative obstacles professional photographers have to deal with. We shoot thousands upon thousands of photographs for our clients and when the work is over picking up a camera is the last thing on our minds.

This is something I've definitely dealt with. I love photography and am so happy to be able to make a living doing something I love but after doing something 40,50, or 60 hours a week you need a break. So I gave myself permission to leave my camera at home a few times when heading out somewhere with Cyndie and Makenzie. Then that turned into never taking it out. As a photographer I felt justified. As a dad, I felt terrible, haha.

Then the iPhone came out and since I have my phone with me all the time, I have a camera with me too! The camera on the first iPhone was "good for a cell phone", the second was a bit better but mainly just more pixels. The 3Gs brought selective autofocus and exposure to the party and the iPhone4 is just freaking awesome. I use it ALL THE TIME. I love it. Not only is it super convenient, I actually like the photos and with the iPhone 4 the pictures are big enough to make a decent size print. Also because its a phone you can't really do a ton to the images so there's no real work that has to be done. They look cool and I didn't have to spend all day obsessing over skin tones. Haha.

I've been using an app called Instagram for a couple of months and I love it. Not only is it a really fun way to process your iPhone pictures but its also kind of like Twitter and Facebook. You can follow people's feeds and see when they post new images. You can "like" the images or leave comments. It's really fun.

If you have an iPhone and don't use it already, download it. If you already use it, follow me and I promise to return the favor. :) My username is @michaelnorwood.

Here are some of my instagrams from the past couple of months. I noticed there are a few distinct categories my photos fall into:

FAMILY... and my beautiful basset hounds :)

NEW YORK...we moved here last year and I'm still in awe of this place

FOOD AND DRINK...if you know me at all this isn't surprising

CRAZY/INTERESTING PEOPLE... yes that is NATALIE PORTMAN We sat next to each other last month on a flight, had a nice conversation, then I went into stalker mode and snapped a few pics of her before we got off the plane. She was super nice. :) I saw Santa on the beach in Waikiki last month and the crazy girls on the right were acting out scenes from harry potter while taking pictures of themselves... hence the tripod in the shot. To say it was entertaining would be an understatement. It was hysterical.


[January 28, 2011] Emily said:
I love Instagram! Im inspired by it and the photos other people take. Thanks for sharing.
[January 28, 2011] Kenny Grill said:
Clicking the "Like" button for this post.
[January 29, 2011] Alvina said:
I used to take my camera (granted just a P&S) with me all the time but now my handy dandy iPhone has replaced it sometimes as well! At least for random captures when I'm out. Love your categories!
[January 30, 2011] Daniel Cruz said:
Nice post Michael! I'm pretty stoked on instagram too. :]
[January 31, 2011] Helen (Dogeared) said:
I know exactly what you mean. I was in a rut, and losing motivation. I didn't carry my camera around as much, as I have a rucksack for it now (not the small kit case it came with) which is harder to get the camera out of. At the end of the year, I opened iTunes to download a property app, and saw they were doing a "best of 2010" thing. I'd seen people like you, Jessica Claire and Becker, mentioning iPhone camera apps, but couldn't remember if it was Hipstamatic or Instagram. Hipstamatic was featured, so I downloaded it to try - and loved it. I've now got all the lenses. I'm trying to post a photo a day (on average) of London, specifically taken with the Hipstamatic app. I'm posting them on FB, so you can see them there if you're interested. I now always have the iPhone with me, and can choose to take my dSLR out for special visits. I think this is happening for lots of people - but it's getting us back into photography for fun, so that's good I think. Also - I love that first one of Cyndie and Makenzie - it just screams fun and happiness. And happy am I, to see you posting again. Missed your Blog posts!
[March 24, 2011] Lea P said:
umm.... natalie portman!!!!! LUCKY!!!! I love your iphone pics:)
[March 25, 2011] Lea P. said:
also, did you mention to Natalie that you are a wedding photographer...cause ya know shes engaged:P