February 8, 2011 Miscellaneous , Published

I just heard from one of my brides from last summer that her wedding was published in Manhattan Bride Magazine. I love seeing my images in print... even if the images aren't the ones I would have chosen... or the way I'd crop them... or how I'd lay them out. Haha.

I also got an email from The Knot that their first coffee table book, The Look Book is out on stands with a bunch of my images in it! There are lots of images on the pages so I won't go through and point out mine but if you've been following my blog for a while they should look familiar.

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[February 8, 2011] Kerrie Underhill said:
I spy Ashley and Cort's table names! Way cool! Congrats, Michael:)
[February 8, 2011] Michael Norwood said:
You're right Kerrie! :)
[February 8, 2011] amy said:
AMAZING!!! In related news... why am I not surprised? :)
[February 8, 2011] Kelsey said:
I see our centerpiece there! Ya Michael, great job! :)
[February 9, 2011] sonya at zenobia studios said:
We've been dealing with issues like that as well! So frustrating, yet trying to remain grateful for getting printed...what a pickle. Congratulations on the Knot feature! That's amazing!
[February 12, 2011] Brad Peters said:
Michael, it's nice to see you blogging again. I'm always inspired by your work. thanks.
[February 22, 2011] Dina said:
Wow, fabulously impressive pictures!
[April 19, 2011] barbara dieppa said:
Congrats! Well deserved !
[November 10, 2011] Oil Paintings said:
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[December 2, 2012] Cheap Jimmy Choo said:
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[November 4, 2016] Anonymous said:
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[March 6, 2017] Joseph said:
Great, thanks for sharing this blog.Really thank you!

I think burnout is one of the biggest creative obstacles professional photographers have to deal with. We shoot thousands upon thousands of photographs for our clients and when the work is over picking up a camera is the last thing on our minds.

This is something I've definitely dealt with. I love photography and am so happy to be able to make a living doing something I love but after doing something 40,50, or 60 hours a week you need a break. So I gave myself permission to leave my camera at home a few times when heading out somewhere with Cyndie and Makenzie. Then that turned into never taking it out. As a photographer I felt justified. As a dad, I felt terrible, haha.

Then the iPhone came out and since I have my phone with me all the time, I have a camera with me too! The camera on the first iPhone was "good for a cell phone", the second was a bit better but mainly just more pixels. The 3Gs brought selective autofocus and exposure to the party and the iPhone4 is just freaking awesome. I use it ALL THE TIME. I love it. Not only is it super convenient, I actually like the photos and with the iPhone 4 the pictures are big enough to make a decent size print. Also because its a phone you can't really do a ton to the images so there's no real work that has to be done. They look cool and I didn't have to spend all day obsessing over skin tones. Haha.

I've been using an app called Instagram for a couple of months and I love it. Not only is it a really fun way to process your iPhone pictures but its also kind of like Twitter and Facebook. You can follow people's feeds and see when they post new images. You can "like" the images or leave comments. It's really fun.

If you have an iPhone and don't use it already, download it. If you already use it, follow me and I promise to return the favor. :) My username is @michaelnorwood.

Here are some of my instagrams from the past couple of months. I noticed there are a few distinct categories my photos fall into:

FAMILY... and my beautiful basset hounds :)

NEW YORK...we moved here last year and I'm still in awe of this place

FOOD AND DRINK...if you know me at all this isn't surprising

CRAZY/INTERESTING PEOPLE... yes that is NATALIE PORTMAN We sat next to each other last month on a flight, had a nice conversation, then I went into stalker mode and snapped a few pics of her before we got off the plane. She was super nice. :) I saw Santa on the beach in Waikiki last month and the crazy girls on the right were acting out scenes from harry potter while taking pictures of themselves... hence the tripod in the shot. To say it was entertaining would be an understatement. It was hysterical.


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[January 28, 2011] Emily said:
I love Instagram! Im inspired by it and the photos other people take. Thanks for sharing.
[January 28, 2011] Kenny Grill said:
Clicking the "Like" button for this post.
[January 29, 2011] Alvina said:
I used to take my camera (granted just a P&S) with me all the time but now my handy dandy iPhone has replaced it sometimes as well! At least for random captures when I'm out. Love your categories!
[January 30, 2011] Daniel Cruz said:
Nice post Michael! I'm pretty stoked on instagram too. :]
[January 31, 2011] Helen (Dogeared) said:
I know exactly what you mean. I was in a rut, and losing motivation. I didn't carry my camera around as much, as I have a rucksack for it now (not the small kit case it came with) which is harder to get the camera out of. At the end of the year, I opened iTunes to download a property app, and saw they were doing a "best of 2010" thing. I'd seen people like you, Jessica Claire and Becker, mentioning iPhone camera apps, but couldn't remember if it was Hipstamatic or Instagram. Hipstamatic was featured, so I downloaded it to try - and loved it. I've now got all the lenses. I'm trying to post a photo a day (on average) of London, specifically taken with the Hipstamatic app. I'm posting them on FB, so you can see them there if you're interested. I now always have the iPhone with me, and can choose to take my dSLR out for special visits. I think this is happening for lots of people - but it's getting us back into photography for fun, so that's good I think. Also - I love that first one of Cyndie and Makenzie - it just screams fun and happiness. And happy am I, to see you posting again. Missed your Blog posts!
[March 24, 2011] Lea P said:
umm.... natalie portman!!!!! LUCKY!!!! I love your iphone pics:)
[March 25, 2011] Lea P. said:
also, did you mention to Natalie that you are a wedding photographer...cause ya know shes engaged:P
January 27, 2011 Family , Miscellaneous

If you follow me on Twitter it will come as no surprise that I'm LOVING the snow here in Manhattan. I really do love it. We've gotten a TON too. In fact this month has gotten more snow than any other month in recorded history! Since December 26th we've gotten about 57 inches! Crazy. I think one of the reasons I love it is that unlike a lot of people I don't have to commute to work. I don't have a car I have to scrape clean every morning. I don't have to shovel steps or a driveway. I just get to look out the window at the beautiful snow. It's totally magical.

This morning we checked in with Makenzie's school and found out that they canceled school today. Makenzie was so excited. I took her up on the roof to look at the city covered in snow.

Here's what we saw.

Happy snow day! :)

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[January 27, 2011] Tab McCausland said:
LOVE the snow angel!!! I am cold just looking at them :) Great job as always.
[January 27, 2011] jac kaiser said:
love it! also, grace says hi and she wants to come visit :)
[January 27, 2011] amy said:
The weather there may be cold, but these photos warm my heart! We may have lived in Texas too long...
[January 27, 2011] Bri Grill said:
She is so adorable! Yay for snow days!
[January 27, 2011] trent said:
57 inches....that is insane!
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[December 15, 2016] Donald said:
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Your favorite class in High School is back... minus the power tools and the creepy teacher missing 3 fingers.

The workshops can cover anything you want... shooting, posing/directing clients, processing/photoshop, blogging, pricing, pricing for destination weddings, dealing with clients, wedding day time management... its totally up to you. We can sit and talk for the whole time or we can get outside and put your new knowledge to use in a shoot... again, its up to you.

These sessions will, for the most part, take place in Orange County or New York City but if you're scared of flying or have a group or would just rather me come to you let me know and we can work out the travel.
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[September 21, 2010] chipgillespie said:
I had the good fortune to attend a WOODSHOP in November of last year. I can only say " DO IT!!" Michael's creativity and attention to detail are definitely to be learned from, and paired with his calm, but fun manner with clients/subjects makes him one of the best photographers in the country. Book this today -- you will be glad for every penny you spend.
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February 8, 2010 Family , Miscellaneous , Travel

I've been away a while. I know. I know. It's been too long. Instead of groveling and trying to explain my absence I thought I'd make a list about what's gone on since I've last blogged... events, trips, gifts, purchases... whatever. If it's awesome and it's happened in the past couple of months its on the list.

(These are not in order of importance, just the order that they came to me.)

Cyndie and I went to New York... again. I don't think I need to explain to you again my love for New York City and more specifically Manhattan. Now I know I haven't seen the whole world, but, I've seen a lot of it and I can say with some degree of certainty that New York is my favorite place. I know it's not for everyone but for me and Cyndie there's nowhere better. The city, central park, the shopping, the restaurants... I love it all. This was actually the first time that Cyndie and I had gone to New York just for fun. Every other time I've had work there and while we always have a good time when I'm not working it was nice to not have anything but fun on the schedule for our trip.

Also it was our 10 year anniversary.


I can't believe we've been married that long! Here are a few pics I dug out from our proofs from our wedding photos. Don't judge, it was 1999! Sorry the scans are so bad.



And here we are now, this was in December in New York.


Which brings us to food. Our favorite thing to do, aside from going to New York, is go to really great restaurants. In the past two months we have eaten some incredible meals.  I could go on and on about them but there's probably only a few of you out there that would care so I'll just list a few of them.

DBGB. Super Chef, Daniel Boulud's less formal restaurant near the site of the famous old CBGB club in the East Village. Incredible burgers, amazing house made sausages, great beer list.

Jean Georges. Wow. One of New York's five Michelin 3 Star Restaurants. Incredible

Gramercy Tavern. I've heard about Gramercy Tavern for years and in December while we were in New York we totally lucked out and scored what is one of Manhattan's toughest reservations. It did not disappoint.

Animal. A sweet restaurant in West Hollywood that is a vegan's worst nightmare. Luckily I'm no vegan.  Pork Belly sliders, chicken liver toast, veal breast, rabbit legs... even the desert had bacon in it! Mmmmmmeat!

A16. San Francisco's famous restaurant that specializes in not just Italian food, but food from the Campania region of Italy. You have to respect a restaurant that is that focused on what they do. Its easy to try to be all things to all people and end up doing nothing well. A16 does and few things and is the best at them.

And finally the culinary version of Mecca... the place all foodies aspire to eat... perhaps the most famous restaurant in the world...

THE FRENCH LAUNDRY! This was Cyndie's Christmas gift to me. I had a wedding last weekend up in the Bay Area and Cyndie thought ahead two months ago and scored us a table. It was without a doubt the best dining experience of my life. Trying to come up with enough superlatives to describe this meal is futile. I'll probably devote an entire blog post to the meal so we'll save the details for later.

Christmas! As I said, we've been married for 10 years now and this was Makenzie's 6th Christmas and we've always been with our extended family. And while that's always been great we chose, this year, to spend it alone and create our own traditions. So this year it was just the three of us and it was awesome. We definitely missed our families but it was so much fun making things up as we went, creating traditions that will hopefully last for a long time.

I got a new camera. Not really that exciting but its always fun to get new toys.

I got a Sous Vide Supreme! This is way more exciting than a camera... at least to me. We've been getting into cooking amazing food at home and this machine has allowed us to take dinner to a whole 'nother level. We had some friends over last week for a dinner party and I made shortribs that had been cooked for 72 hours! Oh my gosh, they were amazing.

Weddings in San Diego, Hollywood and Dallas and San Francisco. Those blogs are coming up soon, I promise.

Finally, I got a book that is so incredibly inspiring. Its not a photography book, or a business book, it's about a chef named Ferran Adria who is, by many accounts, the best chef in the world. What's inspiring about this book is that it takes you through a typical day with him. He's someone that has dedicated his life to being creative. Not just making food, but creating something that's never been made before. His restaurant is only open 160 days a year because he needs the rest of the time to create. Every day the restaurant is open the first 9 hours of the day is dedicated to creating new dishes. His diners are served between 28 and 36 courses and every course a diner is served is put into a database so that if they come back to the restaurant in the future they will not be served the same dish. The have hundreds of notebooks filled with thousands of dishes they've created, not one of them something the diner will have ever seen or been served before. The 205 days a year the the restaurant is closed is spent developing new processes to make food. Inventing machines and tools if necessary to facilitate the making of whatever dish the have in their heads. That kind of commitment to creativity is just astounding to me and is really inspiring as well. I want to put that much effort into being creative for my clients.

So now you're caught up! I promise it won't be 2 months before I blog again! :)

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[February 8, 2010] Rachel Perry said:
I was going through my blogroll and was surprised to see one from you! It sounds like you've had a great couple of months!
[February 8, 2010] Sarah Smith said:
What is the name of the book that you mentioned? My husband is an avid cook and it sounds like something he would LOVE. NYC is my favorite place in the world and I am lucky enough to live only a 2 hour train ride away :) Next time you visit be sure to visit the Spice Market in the Meatpacking Disctrict - get the sampler - it will blow your mind!
[February 9, 2010] jenberry said:
so excited you're back. i think a refreshing break is needed at times. sounds like you opened your senses up to new awesome things. Basically i'm jealous.
[February 9, 2010] Natasha said:
I love it! Welcome back! SO cool to know another photographer who is as much of a foodie as we are. :)
[February 9, 2010] Brad Peters said:
good to see you back on the blog! Thanks for not giving it up! Glad to read you're doing well.
[February 11, 2010] caroline said:
We missed ya! Also, I'll be heading to New York next weekend for a portrait lighting workshop (at least, if weather allows). Been looking for some things to do/places to eat recommendations. So thanks :D
[February 11, 2010] chipgillespie said:
Dude, I'm so dang proud of you for rocking the requisite 1999-hip-young-minister gotee!! You're my freakin' inspirations! Nay -- you are the wind beneath my flippin' wings, man!! : ) And congrats on 10 years!
[February 14, 2010] marco said:
duuuude the sous vide... I wan't one just so I can be a Voltaggio brother.
[February 14, 2010] Heather Kloster said:
Congrats on 10 years!!! And OMG, Chef Adria's book sounds delicious. Must check it out.
[February 18, 2010] Hayley said:
your wedding was cutting edge for '99. and now with all your fancy cooking skills, i'm not sure if we want to have you over for dinner. i wouldn't want to make you anything ;)
[February 21, 2010] Karli Tanner said:
Glad you are back and everyone is doing well. Tell the girlz I said hi! Congrats on 10 years of happy marriage!
[February 25, 2010] HARRISON STUDIO said:
awesome! congrats you two!
July 7, 2009 Film , Miscellaneous

Last week I had a birthday. It was amazing. Best birthday I can remember. There are only a few things that make me really happy... two of them are amazing food and being surrounded by friends. This year I got both.

Monday night Cyndie and I left Makenzie with some friends and drove up to LA. We got a room at The Roosevelt Hotel, one of the coolest hotels ever, and had dinner at Spago, Wolfgang Puck's signature restaurant in Beverly Hills.

I've wondered for a long time if Spago was all hype or if it really was all it was cracked up to be. Let me tell you it did not disappoint. Instead of ordering off the menu we decided to do the 10 course tasting menu. After three and a half hours we rolled out of the restaurant... stuffed from one of the most amazing meals we've ever had. The meal cost more than the rent on our first apartment but I have to say it was totally worth it. Also, we sat right next to Sidney Poitier and his family. Awesome.

The next day we hung out at the hotel for a while then headed back to the OC where we were having a bonfire with friends out on the Balboa Penninsula. There were probably 10 photographers there so I was thinking that several would have their cameras but only one person did. Jory brought an old Canon AE-1 and one roll of film.  He just blogged the images from the day so I stole a few for my blog too.  Thanks for the images Jory!
Yours truly. Jory and Val, Jasmine and JD Star ;)

Steven Taylor, Victor Sizemore

There's a blurry Jessica Claire, Jasmine and Cyndie back there.

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[July 19, 2009] Melissa Blue said:
It looks as though you have rounded up some of my favorite photogs! I should move to OC just so I could hang out with you all! Great website and pics! Keep up the good work!
[July 31, 2009] Maria said:
I Love how all of you photographers are such amazing friends and get together, even though most are very busy! I recognized quite a few names!
[September 15, 2009] Megan Zeller Photography said:
I love to see that such successful photographers still have TIME to hang out. That is so great to see because I always have this image that all you guys get to do it shoot/edit/blog.
[September 16, 2009] Indianapolis Wedding Photographer said:
Happy Belated Birthday. What a great day you had!
April 12, 2009 Miscellaneous , Portraits
This week I took Makenzie out for a few minutes to shoot in the hills near our house. I love living here... there's nowhere better. Here are a few of my favorites.
makenzie_0420090075.jpg makenzie_0420090131.jpg makenzie_0420090212.jpg

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[April 12, 2009] monique said:
Stinkin' adorable! A lovely place too!
[April 12, 2009] bobbi said:
Makenzie, you're beautiful! :) Awesome photos Michael!
[April 12, 2009] Kayleen T. said:
I love the one of her jumping! Is she your daughter? She is adorable!
[April 12, 2009] Taylor said:
Amazing shots, as always! Your shot of her jumping turned out freakin' awesome! Much better than mine did :)
[April 12, 2009] joyful weddings and events said:
She is so stinkin cute!
[April 12, 2009] Kayla said:
These are so adorable! Love the last one!
[April 12, 2009] Tina said:
Recently stumbled upon your blog. Just wanted to drop a note to say that your work is absolutely stunning and really inspirational to me and my photography.
[April 12, 2009] spaghettipie said:
Recently stumbled upon your blog. Your work is absolutely stunning and an inspiration to me in my own photography.
[April 12, 2009] brad peters said:
great, personal shots, Michael! Would love to know the camera settings on the backlit one of her jumping down to the road!
[April 12, 2009] Jeret Slack said:
That one of her jumping is kickin..
[April 13, 2009] Craig D said:
WOW!! She is beautiful Michael. Those hills are pretty amazing as well. Forget the beach. I love that road in the last two shots! She is gorgeous and only to be rivaled by the The Wee One :) LAter bro.
[April 13, 2009] Chad Banning said:
The shot of her jumping is so amazing! I can't believe how happy it makes me feel. Thanks so much for sharing Michael!!
[April 13, 2009] jodi said:
these are just plain gorgeous.
[April 13, 2009] Tiffany said:
Adorable! She is beautiful and so is your location!
[April 13, 2009] allan z. said:
Makenzieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...great stuff norwood! miss you guys in NYC!
[April 14, 2009] Holly said:
What a beautiful little girl!
[April 15, 2009] imthiaz houseman said:
she is so cute!!
[April 15, 2009] Navy Sou said:
Awwww...tooo cute!!!!
[April 16, 2009] Omar Tan said:
Wow, amazing. Love how you got the color and the girl looks like she is the happiest girl on earth :D My favs are the jump shot, the right one next to it and the above photo where she was looking towards the horizon or something.
[April 20, 2009] Dominoe Imus said:
Oh wow, she is a gorgeous little girl. Beautiful images!
[April 21, 2009] kim le said:
so cute! where is this location or is it top secret?! :)
[April 29, 2009] Tim Halberg said:
dude... that shot of her jumping into the road is EPIC!!! LOVE it!!!
[March 16, 2010] Ruben said:
I guess most of us like the "jumping" or better "flying" capture. I just love how she has her arms back, like wings! Too cute.
I live in Ladera Ranch, a small, idyllic oasis of a community nestled among the sprawling cities of Southern California. We happen to have a lot of photographers that live here... really good ones too. From Jessica Claire, to Mark and Candice Brooke, to the TOTALLY RAD Doug and Chenin Boutwell to Victor Sizemore and Morgan Taylor (who's new site is almost live and is pretty much the greatest thing I've ever seen... I'll post the link when its done), we've got a great little group going. We get together for lunch or dinner a few times a week, hang out at each other's houses, lend each other gear when one of our lenses, bodies or flashes inevitably goes bad (thanks Canon)... we're friends.

Recently, following the lead of Victor, we started playing cards at night... rook, spades, 10 on down... any number of games. You probably know that most of us are in some way or another mildly (or completely) addicted to poker. You probably also noticed that these games I just mentioned are not played for money.

Well last night after Mark's birthday party we went back to their place to play. After a while playing cards with nothing on the line does get a little dull so Jessica and I decided to mix it up. I gave her 5 to 1 odds that I could win a certain number of hands in our game. She, being the incorrigible gambler that she is, couldn't resist and so we bet 10 bucks on that hand.

I of course won and made Jessica sign the bill she paid with. Just in case you were wondering... I AM a better player than Jessica Claire.jcmoney.jpg

Sidenote: After I scanned the bill I pulled it into Photoshop to crop and resize it and it told me that "Printing bank notes from this program is prohibited" Haha. What the heck? How did it know? Am i being watched?! If I am, let the record show that it was Jessica who defaced Federal property, not me.
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11 Comments Add A Comment
[November 13, 2008] marco said:
Alexander Hamilton... PWNAGE
[November 13, 2008] jamie delaine said:
That's too hilarious that PS knew it was a bill! Haha!!
[November 13, 2008] jason groupp said:
LOL - I would have given ten bucks to watch Jess sign that. :) Good times. You need to move here so I can kick your butt!
[November 13, 2008] jessica claire said:
Hey, if i'd won, i'd have made $50! Not a bad return on my money, if, of course, i had won. And he were only a better player that ONE HAND, mnp readers! (sidenote: michael is actually a great card player, it's definitely better to be on his team than against him).
[November 13, 2008] stikman said:
I can't believe with all the brains between you lot, you didn't know it was a federal crime to deface govt. property. I think even that nitwit Palin knows that. ;-)
[November 13, 2008] Lara @ Southern Weddings said:
That is crazy about Photoshop... hilarious! Great post.
[November 13, 2008] Melanie Watson said:
I am entirely jealous of your card playing group. The only people who will play rook with me are my husband's grandparents. So jealous. Too funny that Photoshop was on to your money printing scheme. I guess you'll just have to keep winning the real ones from Jessica. ;)
[November 13, 2008] Mark Brooke said:
Heck yes!!!! i am so glad that i live here in ladera!!!! You DID give here 5 to 1 odds..... who WOULDN'T take that? I don't know though, you know your "10 on down" well..... tough call.
[November 14, 2008] gabriel.ryan. said:
carlie & i enjoyed hanging with the LR socialites the other night. jessica claire officially makes the best brownies ever! the funny thing is, even though you are a better player than jessica, i think it was a different player who actually won that round... it may have even been a rookie player... [ahem... me] ;)
[November 21, 2008] CReid said:
That's too funny...we got to make some time to play some cards on the cruise!!! Peace, Carl
[December 8, 2008] anna brewer said:
this is probably one of the funniest things ever! i wanna play poker with you and jessica sometime.

It's late and I just lost everything I typed... again. I shot Makenzie in Central Park and the stayed to watch the filming of Law & Order Criminal Intent. Here are some pictures.

mny01.jpg mny02.jpg mny03.jpg mny04.jpg mny05.jpg mny06.jpg mny07.jpg mny08.jpg mny09.jpg mny10.jpg mny11.jpg mny12.jpg mny13.jpg mny14.jpg mny15.jpg mny16.jpg mny17.jpg mny18.jpg mny19.jpg

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21 Comments Add A Comment
[October 9, 2008] Jennifer Skog said:
your comment made me laugh. Been there WAY too many times to relate! She seriously has to be the cutest thing ever! What a personality she has! Did she pick out her own outfit?! I love the hat... Love every image!
[October 9, 2008] Courtney said:
Goldblum wants to take you out! ha. that girl is adorable and so comfortable in front of the camera. great pictures.
[October 9, 2008] Bonnie Berry said:
Great shots of Mackenzie. And I am such a 'Law and Order' whore that I drooled over those.
[October 9, 2008] Shy said:
I still think your little girl is one of the prettiest little ladies I have ever seen. I say you start preparing yourself with rifle lessons so as to intimidate the drove of boys who will be banging on your door! :)
[October 9, 2008] david & kim - ohana photographers said:
love the sequence shots of her she is too adorable! law and order, that's awesome!!! nice lighting in those too!
[October 9, 2008] Gloria N said:
I am so lovin' the "Many faces of Mackenzie", she is way too adorable for words! And seriously Michael, Jeff is comin' for ya, you'd better watch out!
[October 9, 2008] joyful weddings & events said:
She is so adorable! I hope you guys are having a great time!
[October 9, 2008] Brian Khang said:
That's some great lighting and how cool is that, that you got to stay around for the filming of Law & Order.
[October 10, 2008] Lizett Esparza said:
OMG! your little girl is such a doll:) Love the stairs shots! awesome work! once again:)
[October 11, 2008] Sara said:
Michael, these are GREAT! I love her faces!! She is the new GAP girl in my mind. :) --Cousin Sara
[October 14, 2008] Evelyn said:
I LOVE Law & Order! It's cool that they actually shoot where the show is based. I watched a little of "CSI: New York" the other day. It was about a cop being shot in Central Park. But you could tell they probably just used some park in Pasadena. All the shots were pointing downward, so as not to catch any palm trees in the background. Lame and lazy. I would've loved to see the L&O folks at work.
[October 15, 2008] Cathy and David Photographers said:
Dude! It was so much fun getting to meet with you! :) Can't wait to meet you on your own turf some day. ;)
[October 15, 2008] Jen VanSuydam said:
She is the cutest darn thing. What a beautiful little girl.
[October 16, 2008] Michelle said:
Hello There Michael, I really love your pictures of Jeff Goldblum from Law & Order:Criminal Intent. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind me using them in my website, I'd credit you if you accept :) thanks -Michelle
[October 18, 2008] AmyC said:
Norwood! Update, man! LOVE the pictures of Makenzie.
[October 22, 2008] jenberry said:
wow. the lighting in your photos is unbelievably perfect. the african pictures were some of the best i have ever seen. you should become a professional. haha. i have a hat like mackenzie, but i totall don't look that cute. What lens were you using with Mackenzie?
[October 23, 2008] angel swanson said:
makenzie is absolute perfect. what a beautiful girl!!
[November 10, 2008] Catha Duck said:
Michael... Makenzie's mother-in-law is going to be so disappointed at the rehearsal dinner when everyone is laughing at her son's awkward snapshots and are ooo-ing and aww-ing over your perfect pictures of your perfectly beautiful little girl.
[December 1, 2008] Bobbie Brown said:
Hi! I just came over from Jessica Claire's blog... Just going down thru here checking all your amazing pictures and I just HAD to comment on this post! I LOVE LOVE these pictures! So cute!!!!!
[December 8, 2008] anna brewer said:
pretty sure you and the wifey should get an award or something for making such a cute kid! :)
[October 4, 2016] David said:
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