June 23, 2008 Man Trip , Travel

This morning we checked out the poll to see what our tasks were for the day.  The first one on the docket was to get to Solvang and eat some danish waffles in the Danish capitol of the United States.  We met up with the one and only Jose Villa, had an incredible breakfast and then set out on our next task... picking blueberries.




We had this idea for an image of someones face just covered in blue berries. So Justin volunteered, grabbed a handful of berries and buried his face in them. We all gathered around expecting to see him covered in blue juice. Turns out, blueberries... not so blue. mt02.jpg

[June 24, 2008] carrie@urbanbaby said:
that bw series is so great...and the others are terrific too.
[June 25, 2008] Helen (Dogeared) said:
Hee, I love them! The b&w series together, and especially the first photo with the blueberries up his nose. It's looking like a fantastic trip!
[June 26, 2008] amyc said:
Dude. Egan is so popped-collar-cool.