Dang. This was an amazing wedding with INCREDIBLE light ALL DAY. I'll share more from this wedding soon but for now check out these polaroids! I'm not really shooting them for the typical reason my people shoot polaroids (to check exposure) I just LOVE the way they look.

Here you go!suerwin01.jpg suerwin02.jpg suerwin03.jpg suerwin04.jpg

[May 3, 2009] Jeret Slack said:
dude these are kickin bro! I love that look
[May 3, 2009] Heather Sharpe said:
LOVE these photos!!! What an interesting look :)
[May 3, 2009] Kelley Lee Gin said:
*sigh* The Polaroids are gorgeous. Can't wait to view the rest of the images. klg
[May 3, 2009] Brian Khang said:
Simply awesome!
[May 4, 2009] Onada Photography said:
Love these polaroids! They give such a different feel to the photos. Can't wait to see the rest!
[May 4, 2009] amyc said:
Dang. I'm IN LOVE with that second (third, technically?) image.
[May 5, 2009] kristel wyman said:
these are fantastic! and wow, do they ever inspire me to try something different at my own weddings this year!
[May 5, 2009] Sue Choo said:
Michael, we had such a great time w/you on Sat! The polaroids are just breathtaking (and no, I'm not biased. hahha..). I can't wait for the rest!
[May 6, 2009] adam houseman said:
love the polaroids. shooting mf is so fun, scary and rewarding.
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