Last week I shot Kristin and Mike's engagement photos in the hills near my house. I love this place! Look at it! They were so fun and easy to shoot and the light was just incredible! I can't wait for their wedding next year at Rancho Las Lomas, one of my favorite venues!

Side note to photographers... Every time I think about blogging I get this pit in my stomach. I mean, I love blogging but it always takes soooo loooooong getting the images ready to post. It's not the processing of the images, its the resizing, sharpening, putting my logo on, saving a version for web and a full size version that I dread. Well a couple of months ago that changed. I found out about a product called Blogstomp that does all of these things with literally just a few clicks. I still probably don't blog enough but there's definitely one less excuse. Haha. If you're a photographer, or just a blogger that posts lots of pictures go check them out and get yourself an early Christmas present. They are AWESOME.

I'd go through and tell you about my favorites but I love them all.

[December 3, 2009] ashley said:
Wow, these are really beautiful. Gorgeous couple! I love the interaction between them. So sweet.
[December 3, 2009] Stephanie Castillo said:
Beautiful work Michael! Fabulous lighting!! I too love them all :)
[December 3, 2009] Jenny haas said:
great job as always! LOVE your work ;) [and she has gorgeous hair!]
[December 3, 2009] Hayley said:
wow! you are amazing!
[December 3, 2009] Bri Stine said:
I'm so jealous of Ladera Ranch's backyard! Great shots... standard!
[December 3, 2009] Jane Hasty said:
gorgeous! i can fell the love! Sweet!
[December 3, 2009] tim tabailloux said:
I'm diggin the whole taking pics of local flora during a shoot... it really adds a lot to the feel of the shoot! nicely done sir!
[December 3, 2009] s h e r r y said:
These shots are LOVELY. They look so happy, and that's just fantastic! :)
[December 3, 2009] Kristin Johnson said:
Hey, that's me!!! Michael, thank you for capturing the essence of Mike and me. Especially appreciate the pic of the flower, you are what I like to call ... an artist. :)
[December 4, 2009] kristin @ The Treasured Petal said:
These are so adorable! Such a gorgeous couple. This will be yet ANOTHER wedding we are both a part of :0
[December 4, 2009] debb campbell said:
wow, you look like models...such lovely photos of a real and wonderful couple!
[December 4, 2009] marlin munoz said:
Love the emotion and your use of light and I agree, I love them all! Wonderful set of images!
[December 4, 2009] Rachael@ Charmed Beauty said:
Kristin, you look gorgeous! I'm so excited to be doing your hair and makeup for your wedding as well! Beautiful work Michael!
[December 5, 2009] Amy said:
Stunning work, as always. The light is exquisite!
[December 6, 2009] jeret slack said:
Man love this set... Awesome location.. You always find the best ones :)
[December 6, 2009] jenberry said:
simplicity of talent, intuition, beauty, knowledge, perfect light. as always a huge notch above ordinary, without the extra ordinary fake. love your work.
[December 9, 2009] Shari said:
This is absolutely beautiful! I can't wait to see the wedding!
[January 11, 2010] Olivia said:
Cute couple! I checked out BlogStomp. Thanks for sharing - looks pretty useful! :)
[January 12, 2010] Jerry- Chicago Wedding Photographer said:
Love the colors in these shots!!
[February 3, 2010] Robert J. Trenske said:
Glowing light... check, beautiful couple... check, incredible photo, definite check, love this session!!
[February 20, 2010] Xander Swanson said:
so as I browse through your blog, I find myself wondering - how does a photog get so many fashionable, great looking clients to take such great photos of...? awesome work!
[February 1, 2011] Barbie Chatham said:
I'm so glad she my little cousin and so thrilled at what a wonderful couple they make. Welcome to the family, Mike